Thu. Jul 29th, 2021

About P16.4 billion already released by the Budget Department for the Barangay Development Program (BDP), assuring various projects under the program will proceed smoothly.

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“On the fund releases, the Joint Regional Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict or the  JRTF-ELCAC  has endorsed their request of 813  barangays to the DBM (Department of Budget Management) after a  thorough review of documentary requirements,”  DILG Localization of Executive Order 70 Project Management Office head Director Rene Valera said.

Valera said as of June 30, 2021, the DBM had approved the funding of  812 barangays covering 2,276 projects through the issuance of Special Allotment Release Order (SARO) and the Notice of Cash Allocation (NCA) amounting to P16.24 billion.

Valera said the P16.24 billion released budget reflects 98.8 percent of the P16.44 billion allocation for the Support to Barangay Development Program (SBDP),

“On the other hand, the National Treasury through its regional offices released the Notice of Authority to Debit Account Issued  (NADAI) to 509 barangays covering 1,441 projects credited to the account of provinces and cities where these barangays are located in 13 regions,” he added.

The BDP is a hallmark initiative of the National Task Force ELCAC with the end goal of bringing development and deliver various government programs in conflict-afflicted and geographically isolated villages that have been considered “cleared” from the influence of communist rebels.

He added that the remaining balance will be given to one barangay each in Batangas and Bulacan, and eight in Palawan.

Also, the distributed funds were used for 1,796 infrastructure and 480 non-infrastructure projects.

Funding for infrastructure projects is placed at P15.3 billion while those for non-infrastructure is P940 million.

Valera added that the infrastructure projects were disaggregated in the following:

* 926 farm-to-market road projects in 745 barangays with the total cost of P11.61 billion and those costs range from P500,000 to 20 million for each;

* 156 health stations in 149 barangays with a  total cost of P492 million. Each project cost ranges from P320,000 to P15 million;

* 135 school building projects in 118 barangays with a total cost of P570 million; and

* 516 water and sanitation projects in 402 barangays with a total cost of P2.39 billion;

* On the reconstruction, rehabilitation, repair, and other similar projects in connection with the occurrence of natural or induced calamities, there are 25 projects in 19 barangays with a total cost of P87.2 million.

Valera said seven barangays are recipients of housing projects with a total cost of  P22.4 million.

“On electrification projects, we have 170 in 154 barangays, with a total cost of  P482.48 million,” he added.

“While for the agricultural projects, livelihood and technical vocational training, we have 110 barangays for a total of 200 projects, with a total cost of P328.9 million.

On assistance to indigent families, the DILG official said they have 100 projects in  71 barangays with a total cost of P110.25 million.

For the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) containment efforts, he said they have nine vaccination/immunization and other health-related projects in nine barangays with a total cost of P22.5 million.Each project cost ranges from one million to P7.5 million, he added.

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