Sun. Jul 25th, 2021
(Courtesy of Daily Tribune)

By Herman Tiu Laurel

                The Hilbay bomb on former Justice Antonio Carpio exposed him as a self-serving, lying shyster serving the sinister plot of a gang of corporate thieves that controlled and manipulated the Noynoy Aquino government to wrangle from China a deal for joint oil and gas development for their own conglomerate – the Philex Petroleum Corporation (PXP) – through its London listed Forum Energy Plc. All of these were done under the umbrella of the Salim Group.

                In his five-page expose, former Solicitor-General Florin Hilbay lambasted Carpio, who fashioned himself as the champion and architect of the Permanent Court of Arbitration case at The Hague, as having “no skin in the game” with no official role not even as a mere “observer” and invested no time and energy in the case.

In fact, Hilbay claimed that Carpio was actually in favor of a deal with China as was then foreign secretary Abet del Rosario, contrary to Carpio’s claims in his columns in the Inquirer.

                At this point, what the Hilbay denouement does is to wreck the gamut of legal, ethical, moral and patriotic pretensions of the arbitration exercise that have been touted by the pro-American Filipino voices as a “victory, not just for the Philippines, but for the entire community of consistently law-abiding nations” as incumbent foreign secretary Teodoro Locsin put it in his statement on the 5th anniversary of the PCA ruling.

This has exposed the Amboys as a bunch of foolish saps of the Salim group.

Duterte and sensible Filipinos vindicated

                On November 20, 2021 (correct date?), the Philippines and China exchanged a memorandum of understanding (MOU) on oil and gas development in the area of the South China Sea claimed by both countries. The exchange of documents, which was done between Foreign Secretary Teodoro Locsin Jr. and Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi before President Si Jinping and President Rodrigo R. Duterte, demonstrated the highest commitment of the two nations.

                The American boys, however, did not welcome the PHL-China joint venture deal and hoped to sabotage it in every way. Carpio demanded Chinese recognition of Philippine sovereignty over the areas which was, of course, impossible to expect from China. Duterte was lambasted incessantly by Bondoc and Dick Pascual, Inquirer’s Heydarian and Neri, Lasalle’s Renato de Castro and the Ateneo’s Antonio La Viña and many others, thus pulling along many folks like rats in the Pied Piper of Hamelin.

                The Hilbay exposé vindicates Duterte and his rapprochement with China and the myriad projects and joint ventures he has established with China amounting to billions-upon-billions of Dollars. It unmasks the charlatans and double-dealers who have made fools of many Filipinos, including the late President Noynoy Aquino. Millions of other thinking and sensible Filipinos, who silently had approved of the cooperation with China, should now be congratulated for seeing through the anti-China hoaxes.

A crash heard across the land

                It was Philippine-American Friendship Day, July 4, when a C-130 transport plane, newly-donated by the U.S. to the Philippines, crashed with 96 Filipino soldiers and others aboard, while attempting to land on the Jolo Airport runway. Various news reported several Tausug witnesses on the island in seeing an incomplete set of wheels as the plane attempted to land, something that the numerous U.S. news reports dominating the Google Search have apparently attempted to gloss over.

                The crashed Hercules C-139, with tail number 5125, was one of two aircrafts “granted by the US government through Security Cooperation Assistance” and received by the AFP at the Villamor Air Base in Pasay City on January 29, 2021.

The Amboys in the Philippines went into cover up mode. The One News of Mannny Pangilinan interviewed Jose Custodio, notorious US asset, who quickly blamed the crash on “the badly designed Jolo airport”, that was likewise claimed on FB by Magdalo senatorial bet Gary Alejano.

                Before Hilbay’s detonation and this C-130 crash, which has so far taken 50 lives of our AFP soldiers and pilots, I was bracing for a new propaganda offensive and a “false flag” incident akin to the GemVer fishing boat accident by the U.S. and its Amboys for the 5th anniversary of the arbitration decision. I Instead, the prestige of the U.S. and its Amboys has suffered a seemingly final and fatal destruction by its own hands and its own cheap “gifts” to the Philippines.

(Courtesy of the Manila Times)

Rising China and Philippine successes

                Even as Philippine-based Chinese media braced for the expected U.S. propaganda offensive for the the coming 5th anniversary of the arbitration decision, a watershed moment that the U.S. and Amboy information war machine has used as handle for half-a-decade, Chinese good works continue apace. The Kaliwa Dam project, which will supply an added 600 million-liters-per-day to Metro-Manila’s drinking water, broke ground last June 29, 2021.

                It’s been hard to keep track of the deliveries of Chinese vaccines to the Philippine that, by the last count at the end of June, was already at 12-million doses. This means at least 6 million Filipino have already been saved from Covid-19’s worst effects; and in July, Sinovac is expected to deliver 5.5-million doses, five times more than US donations, which is 45% of the 12-million vaccines expected from 6 other sources, including the WHO’s COVAX.

                 The P 1.47-billion Estrella-Pantaleon Bridge donated by China is opening this July. The YouTube traffic monitoring groups have been enthusing over the beauty of the bridge with its lampposts and double-white railing for pedestrian walks left and right. The P 3.39-billion Binondo-Intramuros Bridge will follow in September. Meanwhile, new projects are coming on, like the 115-MW photovoltaic power station started by EnergyChina with local partners, while DITO telecom is delivering on its promised speed and low rates.

Filipinos for Global Communitarianism

                Communitarianism is a philosophy that underscores the inalienable link between the individual and the community and, in the geopolitical sense, the individual nation and the global community. We are in an age when global communitarianism is no longer avoidable, as the COVID-19 pandemic and its circulating impact (that no country is safe from ricochet infection until immunity covers all humanity) are teaching all vaccine-sufficient countries that have been hit by mutations from vaccine deficient countries.

                The Filipino global communitarians, who have been advocating cooperation with China all along, have now been proved correct and vindicated by the Hilbay revelations and the continuing failure of the U.S. to be of any real positive assistance to the Philippines as the latter faces daunting challenges from the pandemic and the severe economic debacles it has wrought. The global communitarians are successfully correcting and balancing the misperceptions in the public about China.

                The IDSI (Integrated Development Studies Institute), the Phil-BRICS Strategic Studies and the Association for Philippine-China Understanding (APCU) have been active in promoting activities to open more Filipino minds to the great promise of PHL-China relations. APCU has launched an annual award for Filipinos who have made meaningful contributions to PHL-China relations highlighting such figures as Imelda R. Marcos for her opening visits to China in 1974 that led to diplomatic normalization in 1975.

Amboys fade, Communitarians Rise

                China’s Rise this century is and will be synonymous to Asia’s Rise, and the Philippines with it. It is no accident that China is hosting the CPC and World Political Parties Summit this week that will gather 500 political parties from 160 countries and over 10,000 party representatives to the grand virtual meet. Unlike in liberal-democracies where political parties are fixtures manipulated by the financial oligarchs, China considers political parties as real instruments of the people for development.

                The summit, whose theme is “For the People’s Wellbeing: The Responsibility of Political Parties”, hopes to gear political parties of the world to work together towards tackling global challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic and improving the quality of life for all on Earth. President Duterte also spoke at the summit saying “We count on China as a friend and partner for peace and development” predicting that Beijing would “play an important role in global affairs for decades to come”.

                On the other hand, the US with lots of boisterous talk about being “back at the head of the table”, had a July 4th Independence Day celebration that was short of fireworks as its ongoing trade war cut its fireworks supply from China as reported by the ABC News. The U.S. SCS “law fare” and “info war” have finally gone “pfft” as the Hilbay bomb and U.S. minions or Amboys have run out of steam. It’s full speed ahead for the PHL-China armada towards the Asian Century. #

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Courtesy of Daily Tribune. Hilbay should also explain why American lawyers were paid $7 million, for an arbitral ruling that did not favor the Philippines. The PCA declared Scarborough Shoal as a common fishing ground for many nations. It did not grant clear “exclusivity” to any of the SCS features. The only gain for the Pyrrhic exercise “invalidated” the Chinese nine-dash line that favors the United States with the Philippines as proxy. But why at the expense of the Filipino taxpayers’ money?

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