Thu. Jul 29th, 2021

The government on Monday formally launched an improved hospital referral system to provide faster, efficient, and unified response strategies to the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) pandemic.

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Senator Christopher “Bong” Go led the inauguration of the One Hospital Command Center (OHCC) as the national patient navigation referral center at the Philippine International Convention Center in Pasay City.

Go, chair of the Senate Committee on Health, said the initiative aims to streamline the processes for health facilities and for health care provider networks to be coordinated in the referral and transfer of patients.

The OHCC opened a wider opportunity for patients, particularly the marginalized, to avail themselves of a more efficient healthcare system, according to Go.

He said even the World Health Organization acknowledged the OHCC’s significant contribution to the referral system during the pandemic.

In his speech, Go requested all the OHCC operators to extend their patience and understanding when doing their tasks.

“This national patient navigation referral center is a testament that the government has never stopped in finding solutions to the many problems brought about by this crisis and continues to work towards providing our people with more comfortable lives,” Go said.

Go also appealed to government critics to set aside differences in these trying times.

“To critics, let us help out each other, rather than blaming each other. It won’t help. Who else will work together but us, fellow Filipinos, so that we can overcome this crisis that we are currently facing,” he said in Filipino.

The OHCC facilitates medical transport and patient pick-up arrangements, provides health system capacity data analytics and risk communications, and optimizes the use of critical care services of every hospital in the area. 

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