Wed. Jan 19th, 2022

Mass shootings in Portland, Ore., and Washington, D.C., injured a total of 13 people and claimed the life of a 6-year-old child as the weekend began with continued gun violence, local officials said.

(Photo Courtesy: NY Daily News)

A shooting early Saturday in downtown Portland injured eight people, including at least one critically, according to the Portland Police Bureau (PPB).

Officers found eight people, both male and female, apparently hit by bullets, who were transported to the hospital, after being called to the scene, the PPB statement said.

At least one of the victims had life-threatening injuries.

No one has been arrested as the suspect or suspects left the scene before police arrived, the statement added.

City officials had closed off the area of downtown Portland near the shooting.

There were an average of 114 shooting incidents in the city last month, PPB statistics show, increasing 9.6 percent from the prior month.

Shooting incidents in Portland are also up from June of last year, when 62 incidents were recorded, but down from last year’s high of 123 incidents in August 2020.

Nationwide, last year saw the deadliest gun violence in at least two decades, but 2021 is trending higher, according to a Washington Post analysis of data from the Gun Violence Archive.

Meanwhile, a shooting Friday night In Washington killed a 6-year-old girl and injured five adults, police said in a video statement.

The five adults, three of them male, two of them female, were at area hospitals with non-life threatening injuries, Metropolitan Police Department Executive Assistant Chief Ashan Benedict said.

“Our thoughts and prayers and condolences go out to the family of that victim and all the victims of tonight’s shooting,” he said. “There’s too much gun violence still perpetuated in this city and too many children are being harmed, innocent children, by gunfire.”

Benedict added that shooters in Friday night’s incident are unknown, and they are seeking the public’s help to bring them to justice.

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