Mon. Jan 17th, 2022

By Herman Tiu Laurel

On January 26,2021, U.S. President Joe Biden issued an order that the world interpreted to mean a ban on the use of the term “China Virus” to end the Trump-triggered anti-Asian and racist surge in America, the global community thought that the U.S.A. was finally coming to its senses and returning to rationality.

With the same understanding, the American news network “ABC News” headlined the announcement as “Biden directive combats racism against Asian Americans amid Covid-19 pandemic”, while The Star, media outlet of the Democrats, carried the headline “Biden bans calling Covid ‘China virus’, ‘Wuhan virus.”

Even Sinophobic elements understood Biden’s announcement in the same way, including the right-wing Japanese English-language news site Japan Forward who published a report by Yoshihisa Komori on March 12, 2021 that headlined “Biden Administration’s Ban on the Term ‘China Virus’ Sends a Worrisome Signal” that protested the split-personality of Biden with half of him being allegedly “soft on China.”


At the end of May 2021, however, Biden executed a turnaround on the ban of the China or Wuhan virus theory and ordered a “closer review” that he justified by citing U.S. intelligence reports of two alleged infections of Wuhan laboratory personnel.

Two months later, and up to this time, U.S. intelligence has been unable to provide any proof.

 In fact, the U.S. should explain the Bloomberg report that Australian virologist Danielle Anderson – “The Last, And Only, Foreign Scientist in the Wuhan Lab Speaks Out” – as testifying “she was still working at the Wuhan lab every day when the virus now known as SARS-CoV-2 was… beginning to spread at the end of 2019…”

 Anderson, who now works at the Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity in Melbourne, Australia, denies there was any infection among her colleagues, Chinese or otherwise, while admitting that “We went to dinners together… If people were sick, I assume that I would have been sick – and I wasn’t…”

Between Ms. Anderson and the infamous U.S. intel that created the WMD hoax, it’s easy to guess whom we should trust.

Multiple findings outside China

Investigation of the origins of the global virus is imperative because Italy, Spain, France and even the U.S. itself had been reporting the existence of the Covid-19 virus in their countries prior to December 27, 2019 when Dr. Zhang Jixian of the Hubei Provincial Hospital reported the first case of unusual respiratory disease to the Wuhan CDC. The Jixian report was four days earlier than the social media report of the late Dr. Li Wenliang whom the Western media likes to hail.

WHO officially confirmed that report on December 31, 2019.

Similarly, there are clear and established prior findings of Covid-19 cases by Western virological specialists including Dr. Yves Cohen who reported on December 27, 2019 that a case in France of “suspected pneumonia actually had the coronavirus” and biologist Gabrielle Sozzi of the Milan National Cancer Institute who report in September 2019 that Italian blood samples taken in the Lombardi region showed Sars-CoV-2 virus antibodies

The University of Barcelona reported that Barcelona sewage sample, taken as early as March 2019, had revealed traces of novel coronavirus; this was nine months before the Covid-19 disease was identified in China.

In the U.S., several studies – including the latest study dated June 21, 2021 by Manchester UK-based Angela Besaida B. Laguipo, BSN that has been peer-reviewed – study showed that “Covid-19 was present in December 2019 before the first reported case in China.”

In May 2020, Mayor Michael Melham of Belleville, New Jersey reported that he “tested positive for coronavirus antibodies” months after he was diagnosed with the flu back in November of 2019.

Significantly in March 2020, former US CDC chief Robert Redfield admitted to a congressional hearing that many US flu cases turned out to be Covid-19 after post-mortem verifications.  On year later, however, in a prelude to Biden’s turnaround in May, CDC chief Redfield turned around and claims the virus came out of the Wuhan laboratory.

Too late the American hero, Redfield’s testimony before Congressman Rouda earlier was under oath. His turnaround in March 2021, therefore, was a five-star perjury.

The full two-hour documentary of this hearing can be linked through as provided by CSPAN.

U.S. politicizing, pressuring WHO

This article is being written because the U.S. is now applying a full-court-press on the World Health Organization to re-visit the findings of the two-week, special WHO mission to China from January 14 to February 10, 2021 to gather data and investigate the virus origins.

The mission concluded that the lab-leak theory was “highly unlikely” and that a global investigation of the virus origin(s) was needed.

In April 2021, virologist Professor Dominic Dwyer from the University of Sydney, the Australian member of the WHO virus origins inquiry mission to Wuhan, China, emphasized to media on the importance of the virus origins-tracing task, “That sort of work needs to be done in China but also needs to be done in other parts of the world. I think that approach is quite reasonable.”

That the Covid-19 existed in the U.S. even before its discovery at Wuhan is now an established fact given: (1) the numerous reports presented, (2) the fact that Fort Detrick, premier lab among the 200 U.S. biological warfare labs, was shut down in August 2019 by the U.S. CDC for safety issues, and (3) the vaping and “strange flu” deaths that abounded then in the U.S. These are reasons enough for the WHO to look into the US now.

Instead of heeding the call for a “global virus-origin tracing” inquiry, WHO Director-General Tedros Ghebreyesus is turning back to China instead of pushing the inquiry into U.S. and other countries.

The scuttlebutt is that Ghebreyesus is gunning for a second term as WHO director-general and is courting U.S. and allies’ votes.

In reaction, however, 55 countries have now written WHO to de-politicize the virus origins inquiries.

Fort Detrick mysteries

 While China has shown it has nothing to hide by opening the city of Wuhan, its suspected market epicenter, and its virology institute to the WHO international team, the U.S. is not only uninviting but is aggressively applying WMD or “weapons of mass distraction” and smoke-screening Fort Detrick from questions by steering attention back to China with the false narrative of a “Wuhan lab-leak” conspiracy theory.

The exterior of the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases, which has maintained stores of weapons-grade anthrax at Fort Detrick in Frederick, Maryland, is shown in this undated photo. Getty Images file photo

 For decades, tons of materials have previously been reported on the horrors emanating from Fort Detrick, US bioweapons premier lab (USAMRIID), beginning with U.S. protection of the notorious WWII Japanese biowarfare unit 731 from prosecution in the Far East war crimes tribunal, to MK-ULTRA LSD mind control tests, Anthrax germ leaks, virus experiments and the July 2019 leak that caused the shutdown of facility by the CDC in August 2019.

The clampdown about Fort Detrick was allegedly due to “national security reasons.”  A Russia journalist looking into Ft. Detrick was stopped by barriers, while residents around the base met questions with wary silence.

 Coincidentally, the August 2019 shutdown of Ft. Detrick was accompanied by the spread to two mysterious illnesses as reported by the following headlines:

“Vaping Illness Tracker: 2.506 cases and 54 deaths” – NYT, Dec. 23, 2019;

“Flu activity picks up coast to coast, with unusual strain most prominent” – ABC News, Dec. 14, 2019.

The real cause, germ or virus, that triggered these diseases were never identified satisfactorily.

Apart from the above, ABC News reported in July 2019 that a “’Respiratory outbreak (was) being investigated at a retirement community (just one hour away from Ft. Detrick) after 54 residents fall ill.”

Too dangerous to stay secret

In March of 2020, George Webb, an American investigative journalist, posted a series of videos hypothesizing the connection of Fort Detrick to the spread of the coronavirus in Wuhan, China through Matt Benassi, Ft. Detrick military employee and his wife Maatje Benassi, army reservist and NATO diplomatic courier, who had joined the U.S. team to the Wuhan Military Games in October 2019.

Webb reported that Maatje Benassi collapsed in the middle of the 50-mile cycling race and showed some typical symptoms of the coronavirus, while the entire U.S. team uncharacteristically ranked 40th in the team standings, because many of its members were downed by the “flu.”

Given all the facts,- the July Fort Detrick lab-leak, the August shutdown, the strange vaping and “flu” epidemic and Maatje Benassi- it would be derelict for the world not to open Fort Detrick for investigation now.

Did an American military athlete bring the virus to China?

Despite the above suspicious factors, no one is saying yet that the Fort Detrick lab-leak theory is a fact, and China is the first to declare that “science, not politics, should rule the Covid-19 virus origin tracing.”

But it has simply been suspicious that the U.S. keeps beating the dead “Wuhan virus” horse, while avoiding transparency and scrutiny of its own possible virus epicenter.

Part of the more than 300 American servicemen who participated in the World Military Games in Wuhan, China from October 13 -18, 2019, causing suspicions of a human-to-human transmission from the US to China. Photo by Ed Hersom, US Department of Defense

As of July 20, 2021, fifty-five (55) countries have written WHO jointly opposing the politicization of the Covid-19 virus origins study.

A growing number of countries –Russia, Belarus, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Iran and others – are speaking out for justice, stressing that virus-tracing is a scientific endeavor and should not be political.

China has also reiterated that the joint China-WHO study concluded last March should be upheld.

 At this writing 5-million Chinese Netizens have also signed an online petition calling for WHO to probe Fort Detrick, and the number is growing.

The Philippines should launch own petition

The Covid-19 impact on the world and on individual countries, especially the Third World of the Global South, has been devastating.

As of today, 191-million have been infected, 4.1-million have died, countless millions of jobs have been lost, and as many have been pushed into abject poverty.

Let us give credit where credit is due: China has done the yeoman’s job in responding and alleviating the impact of Covid-19 on the world.

 It is the height of injustice for the U.S and some of its allies to continue to politicize the issues and evade their responsibilities, while pestering and conspiring against China who has provided 550-million vaccines to the developing world, championed the lifting of vaccine patent rights, delivered vaccines on the “global public good” basis and added $ 3-billion just recently for anti-Covid-19 relief to developing countries.

 It is the height of injustice to developing countries, like the Philippines, for the U.S. to delay completion of the Covid-19 virus studies by its politicking with the issue and paying lip-service to patent waivers for vaccines, while hypocritically promising millions of vaccines that never completely arrive.

The U.S. plays politics with each and every issue vital to Humanity’s welfare attempting to preserve its dominance: THIS MUST END.

For the above reasons I am enjoining the Philippine government and the Filipino Netizens to launch two things:

(1) an official government communication to the WHO supporting the petition of the 55 countries to de-politicize the handling of the virus origin inquiries; and

(2) an online petition to be signed for Netizens for WHO to open inquiries into the Ft. Detrick circumstance.

Please wait for the announcement of the signing of this online petition.


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