Wed. May 18th, 2022

The Department of Health (DOH) logged 10,623 new cases of the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) on Friday, which is the highest since April 17.

(Photo Courtesy: CNN)

With that, the total number of active Covid-19 cases in the Philippines now stands at 74,297 and total cases at 1.638 million.

Also, there were 3,127 new recoveries logged on Friday, bringing the country’s total to 1.535 million.

Of the 74,297 active cases, 94.8 percent have shown mild symptoms, followed by those with severe symptoms at 1.8 percent, the asymptomatic at 1.2 percent, those with moderate symptoms at 1.18 percent, and those in critical condition at 1 percent.

The current rise in Covid-19 cases, it said, was brought about by several factors—failure to observe minimum public health standards, failure to enforce the prevent-detect-isolate/quarantine-reintegrate strategies, continued movement of the public, and the presence of different variants of concern such as the Delta variant.

“We continue to urge and remind the public to take care and to always follow our safety protocols and to immediately have yourself vaccinated when the opportunity comes,” the DOH said.

Based on the latest Covid-19 testing data, a total of 58,372 persons were tested for Covid-19 on Wednesday, with 18.4 percent turning positive for the disease.

In Metro Manila, there are 1,200 beds at intensive care units (ICU) currently at 61 percent occupancy, 4,500 isolation beds at 53 percent occupancy, 3,600 ward beds at 53 percent occupancy, and 45 percent of its 1,000 ventilators are in use.

For the whole country, there are 3,700 ICU beds at 62 percent occupancy, 19,600 isolation beds at 53 percent occupancy, 12,800 ward beds at 54 percent occupancy, and 44 percent of 2,900 ventilators are currently in use.

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