Thu. May 19th, 2022

Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Gen. Guillermo Eleazar on Sunday expressed support for Metropolitan Manila Development Authority chairman Benhur Abalos’ call for National Capital Region mayors to pass ordinances that sanction persons getting booster shots using Covid-19 vaccines procured by the government.

(Photo Courtesy: Sunstar)

“Let us not be greedy for the vaccine. Many of us are still not vaccinated, even the first dose, because of the limited supply reaching the country,” Eleazar said in a statement in Filipino.

He added that the experts have yet to make recommendations on whether booster shots are safe and effective against more contagious variants of Covid-19.

Eleazar urged the public to think of the welfare of others who have not yet received even their first dose of vaccine due to limited supply of Covid-19 jabs.

For those who are fully vaccinated, let’s not compete with others who also need protection. This is also for everyone’s safety because we are not sure if booster shots have a bad effect on the body, especially if these brands are different from the brand that had been earlier used on us,” he said in Filipino.

In Quezon City, two fully vaccinated persons were charged for violating an ordinance prohibiting Covid-19 vaccination fraud after getting booster shots using the government-provided vaccines.

Meanwhile, Eleazar urged the public to keep on reporting the quarantine violations in their areas.

“I am urging the public to report or provide any information to the police if they have information on violations of quarantine protocols,” he said, urging them to take photo or video as evidence.

He said the people can use different platforms including the PNP’s E-Sumbong to report the violators of quarantine protocols.

Eleazar made the call after more than 40 individuals were apprehended in Pasig City for attending a birthday party. The venue was ordered closed by the Pasig City government.

We are also investigating this incident with the LGU’s (local government unit assistance,” he said in Filipino.

He reminded police personnel to be on the lookout for mass gatherings in their areas of responsibility as they could become super spreader events.Eleazar also assured that the children, who violate quarantine protocols, are not subjected to arrest.

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