Thu. May 19th, 2022
Why was Uncle Sam there in the first place, Mr. WBush?

By Herman Tiu Laurel

The Intercept, a journalism website funded by the complex liberal-capitalist billionaire Pierre Omidyar, headlined this “$10,000 invested in Defense Stock When Afghanistan War Began Now Worth Almost $ 100,000”.

The subtext was “Was the Afghanistan War a failure? Well, definitely not for the top five defense contractors and their shareholders”.

   Other news sites and mainstream broadcast in such interviews as “Democracy Now!” with Amy Goodman asked its guests on the issue of the Afghan government’s collapse and the U.S. financial cost, “The defense industry stock index performed 58% better than the stock market overall” in the course of the twenty years war.

  The Taliban has not yet won the war as it still has to show it can survive, the U.S. and its allies (including India) have definitely lost at this point, China and Russia are trying to make a win of it strategically, but the undisputed winner is the U.S. defense industry and war-peace contractors including Human Rights and development NGOs that raked it in. 

Americans lost, U.S. Ruling Class Won

The U.S. Ruling Class, alternatively called Power Elite or even “Deep State” won in all the U.S. wars while the hundreds of millions of Americans lose in all those wars. C. Wright Mills wrote a book about that Power Elite consisting of interlocking interests of the military, industrial, corporate and political elements of the U.S.

 After the fall of the U.S.S.R. elements of the U.S. Ruling Class imagined the complete and total domination of the World. The ideological basis was laid with books like Francis Fukuyama’s “End of History” and “The Clash of Civilizations” of Samuel Huntington, and the geopolitical plan was laid out by the neo-conservative things tanks of which the “Project for a New American Century” (PNAC).

 The PNAC stated goal was “to promote American global leadership” and that “A New Pearl Harbor” was needed to rally the U.S. population for war which came in the 9/11 Attack on the WTC Towers. President George W. Bush, Jr. launched the War on Terror declaring “You are either with us or against us” right after invading Afghanistan on October 7, 2001.

9/11 WTC Attack as Pearl Harbor

 It was 21 years ago and a whole generation knows nothing about it and the older generation are now either blurry or have completely forgotten about it. It was the event that proved a conspiring U.S. Ruling Class could plot a heinous crime against its own people, keep them clueless about the truth, kill nearly 3,000 of its own citizens to justify a global war for elite profit and global domination.

On September 11, 2001 two Boeing 767s crashed into 110-storeys Towers 1 and 2 of the publicly owned World Trade Towers complex of 7 buildings and Bldg#7 not hit by a plane but caught on fire, all collapsed at the rate of gravity of 9.8 m/s/s onto their own footprints just like controlled demolition – which is what 5,000 members of the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth (AE 9/11 Truth) are pursuing.

 Close to 3,000 American in the towers died during the collapse, some jumping out of windows to escape the fiery deaths. Six months before the 9/11 attack finance mogul Larry Silverstein buys the lease for the WTC for the $ 3.5-billion complex on a down payment of $ 124-million (but figures range from $ 14- to $ 300-million) and ensure the complex for $ 70-billion.

Staging the terror spectacle

 On 9/11 2001 four planes attacked, 2 at the WTC, 1 at the Pentagon and the fourth crashed in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. The Bush and US government want the world to believe Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan coordinated the attack. When the Taliban offered to turn Bin Laden over Bush refused – Bush wanted the war, as simple as that.

 Fifteen of the terrorists that crashed the planes were Saudi Arabians, and Saudi Arabia many years later is implicated splitting the FBI investigator and congressmen threatening to file suits, but implicating info still protected today from U.S. public. The Saudi royal family members and government officials were flown out of the U.S. on a special flight 2 days after 9/11.

The standard defense of the skies for New York was absent on 9/11 reportedly due to several air drills in various parts of the US. Right after the towers were hit and the alarm was sounded Bush’s VP Dick Cheney in the command bunker, according to then US Sec. of Transportation Norman Mineta, ordered a “stand down” when the chance to shoot one of the intruding planes came up.

Thermite and explosives

Call me “conspiracy theorist” if some wish but laws of physics cannot be shaken by name calling, as the AE 9/11 Truth engineering, architectural and scientific community has been saying for 20 years, structural steel framed buildings do not collapse from fire, especially Bldg#7 which no plane hit; only Thermite that cuts through steel plus explosives (seen in 9/11 building videos and seen by First Responders) can cause the collapse in 9/11.

How was it done? Financial and political power with the capture of the US presidency in 2001 by Bush despite losing the majority vote and then a Supreme Court political decision, a consortium of finance-real estate corporations, the military brass. Bush’s brother Marvin Bush took charge of the WTC security and floors were closed alternately for “repairs” and explosives planted, air defenses distracted and massive media misdirection ensued to plant the “terror” tale.

BBC reporter Jane Standley reported live on TV that Bldg#7 had collapsed while it was actually still standing at a distance behind her – a script read too early (BBC has since “lost” the tapes). It’s still on YouTube, with diligent search. Pres. Bush launches massive media misdirection via a War on Terror attacking Iraq (enemy of alleged 9/11 plotter Al Qaeda) and Afghanistan’s Taliban that offered to turnover alleged brains Osama bin Laden.

Thence, the US media leading the global media’s sole focus for almost ten years were the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, followed by the Axis of Evil countries Bush defined, Sudan, Libya, North Korea, Syria etc. The U.S. continued to spend $ 6.4-trillion in all those wars which had collapsed the U.S. economy by the 2008 US Financial Crisis to which the U.S. continued printing $ up to this day to cover its exploding deficit – while the US military-industrial-finance and now contract-NGOs continued to profit in. 

Better Peace than War for a racket

 The famous title from the book of First World War general Smedley Butler “War is a Racket” is bullseye on the point, especially in this era of overproduction where scarcity and survival, that is food, is no longer a fundamental existential issue – except for pandemics, climate change etc. But the Kabul and Saigon collapse along with the US economy show war is no longer a viable racket – it loses much, much more money for all than it rakes in except for the few.

China as a mature civilization has long learned that economic and technological development and trade generates far more wealth for itself and for everybody, far more that conflict and war. In the wake of the Kabul collapse on the US polity the American political-philosophical LaRouche Movement in the voice of Helga Zepp-LaRouche issued a speech featured by CGTN entitled “Afghanistan: Bright future for the coming cooperation of great powers”.

Zepp-LaRouche beseeched the world for the “recognition that all such endless wars, like in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and so forth, belong to a paradigm of geopolitical thinking that has utterly failed… must be outlawed forever”. It is also China’s call in its vision of a “Community of Shared Future for Mankind” in a multi-polar world where major powers share responsibility with the rest of the global community.

As China has shown while the U.S. was expending $6.5-trillion and a $ 28-trillion debt by 20221 in decades of wars China grew from a $ 360.0-billion in 1990 to an expected $ 14.6-trillion economy by end of 2021, and China budgeting around $ 4-trillion for a global Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is expected to boost world GDP by $ 7.1-trillion per annum by 2040. Peace is a bett3er racket than war, by any measure.

From 9/11 to Afghanistan: Lessons for Mankind

Danita Maddie, a young friend who helps in our activism had opined on Messenger that the Philippines and Afghanistan have one thing in common – US troops, but as witnessed in Afghanistan the US cannot be relied upon and says “it’s time to reconsider the role US troops play in our country”. Indeed, and this is one lesson many will learn. But there are far broader and deeper lessons, and we must really emphasize them

First of all, the US is not a democracy but a particularly vicious and uncontrolled plutocracy where the financial powers control the conscienceless military brass and media moguls to direct the entire society to the “forever wars” for unlimited profits. Elections are farces. Contrast this to China today as President Xi is reining in the like of Jack Ma’s wayward capitalist propensities and the Communist Party of 95-million members engage in continuous self-criticism to stay on course of serving the people and humanity.

Secondly, the primordial lesson of keeping real competition in mainstream and social media alive, that is to pit ideologically fact-driven, populist state media and popular bloggers against profit-centered plutocratic-controlled media of the US in particular to ferret out the truth. Imagine to today 58 years after the Kennedy Assassination the truth is yet concealed, what more the murder of almost 3,000 in the WTC 9/11 terror attack just to have a “New Pearl Harbor” that went on to kill overall up to 2-million people yet the vast majority of Americans are still oblivious to the real story.

Communitarian Democracy vs. Plutocracy

The farce of American Democracy must be exposed and China’s Communitarian Democracy explained to the likes of Danita Maddie and the new generations of this world. Election do not equate with genuine democracy when the financial system and resources are in the hands of a few. Financial resources in the direction and control of a people=based ideological party can ensure the dedication of such resources to the welfare of the masses of a nation and the world. The shock of Afghanistan’s fall may jumpstart America’s learning now.

The paradigm must now shift away from the US “competition” framework against the rest of the world and major powers that set its own “rules based” parameters to every country to conform to “or else” to the “Community of Shared Future for Mankind” based on cooperation for the common shared welfare of all Mankind. As expressed by Helga Zepp-Larouche, let the new Afghanistan situation be a chance for cooperation of all nations to set right the wrongs – and it is clear that the Taliban is also changing after twenty years of learning lessons. I am optimistic that the Americans will also learn from the mistake they have repeated too often already, they’ll have to sort it out in the few years ahead lest they sink abysmally to a failed state at the end of their intransigence – US hegemony has ended and it should “cut and cut cleanly”. Meanwhile, let the rest of the world help Afghanistan rise and, like the US Afghanistan can and will rise again with the lest of China, Russia and the rest of the world join the global community in building the future.

WATCH VIDEO: Lessons from Rambo and Afghanistan

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