Thu. May 26th, 2022
Author and Parlade, in Italy as part of a mission to unmask in the Parliament of the European Union, offices of the United Nations and numerous other international NGOs, the true nature of CPP NPA NDF fronts like Ibon, Save our Schools Network, Karapatan, Rural Missionaries of the Philippines, resulting in the turning off of their funds from their blinded European donors.

By Lorraine Marie T. Badoy

We first met in one of the many get-togethers of PMA Class 87- of which he and my husband belong to.

They were newly minted 2nd Lieutenants then and I am sorry to say that what I brought to the table in those little parties was my UP woke-ness where I, unconsciously, looked down on them. 😭😭

I liked them instantly but looking back now, I realize that there was this impenetrable core inside me that UP gave me where I thought they were the enemies and nothing they said about the CPP NPA NDF could change my mind.

My husband tried, all the other mistahs tried. But eventually they let me be.

They would say stuff about atrocities done on our people by the CPP NPA NDF and I would say, in the particular way wokes these days say (alam nyo yun- yung feeling intellectually superior. Wala naman palang alam. Lol.), “No not them. You. You guys are the oppressors of the people.”

I cringe when I think of all that and the pain, I doubtless caused them. And I have said sorry to them many times over and still I pity the girl I was who breathed the radicalized air of UP Diliman and had no choice but to be full of hatred while wallowing in delusions of intellectual superiority and nobility- pontificating from the comfort of my armchair while they, my husband and his mistahs, went out there and offered their lives in defense of our country.

Gagawin ka talagang walang modo ng mga komunistang teroristang ito.

So, they all gave up on me.

Except this guy, Antonio Parlade.

Not only did he NOT avoid me and our spirited discussions but he sought me out.  And then he endeavored to do what no brave man would do – sit me down and engage me in a battle of words and wit.

I don’t remember all the details of what we talked about. But I remember the monumental effort he took to enlighten. He was tireless and relentless- always respectful but no less passionate.

I am the same way so ours was an ongoing conversation that lasted decades with his wife, my friend, Cecille, nervously hovering over us making sure no one got hurt lol.

I also remember the sad look on his face. It used to puzzle me, this sad look. But now I understand what it means because it is the same look he has when he talks to wokes and other victims of the CPP NPA NDF who are in the brink of joining these communist terrorist bastards.

Side to side with that sad look is an even stronger look of determination on his face.

There is nothing that will stop this man from ending this 52-year communist scourge that has brought so much pain and suffering on our people.

And there is nothing that will stop him from ending the free fall of our children and our people into the jaws of these terrorists.

And so, together with the Filipino people- except its real enemies- I welcome with open arms and with profound joy the appointment of Retired Lt General Antonio Parlade as Deputy Director General/Undersecretary of the National Security Council.

He’s never needed any title to be what he truly is: defender and protector of the Filipino people.

But with the vast resources and the mighty weight of his office, I am certain all that power will be used to empower the disempowered.

And most of all, it will be used to FINALLY put an end to the 52-year reign of terror of the CPP NPA NDF.

This is why I am smiling WIDE these days.

Cullamat’s misplaced anguish

But not everyone is happy, as Partylist rep Eufemia Cullamat is expectedly distraught, shattered and devastated. Here is my response to her anguish reflected in the meme above.

Si Eufemia Cullamat ay isang mataas na ranggong kasapi ng CPP NPA NDF at sya ay nasa Congreso para isulong ang bulok na agenda ng teroristang grupong ito.  

Naglabas kamakailan ng lampas 50 na resolutions ang mga tribal chiefs sa Mindanao na dinedeklara ang basura na itong PERSONA NON GRATA dahil sa libo libo nyang atraso sa mga kapatid nating katutubo katulad ng HUMAN TRAFFICKING, KIDNAPPING, CHILD ABUSE, SLAVERY, RECRUITMENT, THE TRAINING OF CHILD SOLDIERS. MURDERS, MASSACRES, TERRORIST FINANCING.

Nagluwal ng mga anak na naging mga terorista- na ikinagalak pa nya. At nung namatay ang anak nya bilang terorista, ni isang tutoong luha walang iniyak ang basura na ito. Ni hindi man lang nagpakita sa burol ng sariling anak at ni hindi man lang nagbigay aruga sa mga anak na naiwan. At ni hindi man lang nagawang ihatid sa huling hantungan ang sarili niyang dugo.

Kung may salitang akmang akma sa CPP NPA NDF operatiba na ito, wala ng iba kundi BASURA. Basura na, halimaw pa ang komunistang ina na ito.

Natutuwa ako na nanginginig ang mga hayup na yan sa Congreso na nagbigay hirap at pasakit sa ating mga pinakamaliit na kababayan sa pagtatalaga ni General Antonio Parlade bilang Undersecretary ng National Security Council.

Maliwanag na maliwanag ang husay at galing niya at maliwanag pa sa sikat ng araw na para sa mga basurang ito, si Undersecretary/Deputy Director General Antonio Parlade ang nakakabigay ng isa sa pinakamalalakas na mga saksak sa kanilang mga bituka.

Their days are numbered.

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