Thu. May 19th, 2022

The Department of Health (DOH) reported for the second straight day on Friday more than 20,000 new Covid-19 cases, or 20,336.

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The DOH also reported much less number of recoveries from Covid-19 or 10,028, bringing the total number of recoveries to 2.100 million or 90.3 percent of all known infections in the country since the start of the pandemic last year.

To date, there are 188,108 active cases in the country, comprising 8.1 percent of a total of 2.324 million infections since the start of the pandemic.

Of these active cases, the majority at 87.6 percent have mild symptoms, followed by the asymptomatic at 8.1 percent, those with moderate symptoms at 2.49 percent, those with severe symptoms at 1.3 percent, and those in critical condition at 0.6 percent.

“In the coming days, the number of Covid-19 cases may continue to rise,” the DOH said.

To help defend against the disease, it asked the public to follow minimum public health standards, help in the implementation of the prevention, detection, isolation, treatment, and reintegration (PDITr) strategies, and get vaccinated.

Another 310 new deaths were also logged, bringing the country’s total Covid-19 deaths at 36,328 or 1.56 percent of all known cases.

Based on the latest testing data, a total of 75,766 individuals were tested for Covid-19 on Wednesday, with 26.6 percent found positive for the disease.

In the National Capital Region (NCR), there are 1,500 beds at intensive care units (ICU) at 79 percent occupancy, 4,500 isolation beds at 64 percent occupancy, 4,400 ward beds at 74 percent occupancy, and 62 percent of 1,100 ventilators are in use.

In the entire country, there are 4,300 ICU beds at 77 percent occupancy, 20,800 isolation beds at 68 percent occupancy, 15,900 ward beds at 73 percent occupancy, and 57 percent of 3,300 ventilators are in use.

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