Thu. May 19th, 2022

As the cases of Covid-19 continue to rise in Davao City, Mayor Sara Z. Duterte bared Monday that the city government has prepared a mass burial site at the Tagakpan Public Cemetery in Tugbok District.

(Photo Courtesy: MindaNews)

In a radio interview, she reiterated that in March last year, during the early days of the pandemic, the city government already prepared the site for those who have succumbed to the infection.

Around 160 lots are available at the cemetery and each lot can accommodate up to six corpses or 960 corpses in total.

“We are ready since last year and we already announced it also. It is expected that if there is a surge, there will be numerous deaths and our hospitals will be overwhelmed,” Duterte said.

On the other hand, she also said the city’s crematorium can process around four cadavers per day.

Since April last year, Mayor Sara said the number of cremations has reached 2,101.

“We have 22 cadavers who are still scheduled for cremation. Our crematorium is always fully booked because of the surge. If there is a surge, many will get sick [and die],” she said.

She added that high-risk cases of Covid-19 usually end up becoming severe and critical, and are the ones who need hospital care.“Usually if they are high-risk especially if they are unvaccinated, they are most likely to succumb to Covid-19,” Duterte added. 

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