Thu. May 19th, 2022

Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Gen. Guillermo Eleazar has commended uniformed personnel of Muntinlupa City for reuniting a mother who was separated from her family in Pangasinan for 15 years.

(Photo Courtesy: Yahoo News)

Divina “Nanay Dina” Estrada had been staying in Muntinlupa since 2006 so she could visit her partner at the New Bilibid Prison. But her partner died and Nanay Dina survived each day by begging on the streets.

Eventually, Nanay Dina last August sought the help of neighbors in Barangay Poblacion to search for her daughter, Mejica Estrada, through Facebook. While Mejica was contacted and said she would go to Muntinlupa to fetch her mother, the quarantine restrictions to contain Covid-19 made it difficult for the daughter to go to Metro Manila.

This prompted Mejica to seek the help of the local government and police officers to find her mother in Muntinlupa. Lingayen Mayor Leopoldo Bataoil also helped in the effort by contacting the Southern Police District so they could help find Nanay Dina.

And acting fast, uniformed personnel from the Muntinlupa police were able to find Nanay Dina and bring her to Mejica in Lingayen. Nanay Dina also received cash assistance from the police.

Eleazar commended the policemen who reunited the mother and her daughter.

“It brings great joy that our police force helped to bring home Nanay Dina to her family, especially during this time that life is challenging because of the pandemic,” Eleazar said in Filipino.“I wish other members of the police force will emulate what their peers did,” he added in Filipino.

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