Tue. May 17th, 2022

The jobless rate in August worsened due to the imposition of the enhanced community quarantine, according to the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA).

Downtown Manila Makati district under colorful sunset twilight skyscape. View from above towards Makati Urban Sprawl and Skyscrapers. Makati, Manila, Philippines, Southeast Asia, Asia (Photo Courtesy: The Filipino Times)

“In the 8.1 percent unemployment rate for the month of August, the ECQ (enhance community quarantine), particularly in the National Capital Region (NCR), played a big impact,” said PSA head Clair Dennis Mapa.

PSA data showed the total number of the unemployed last August 2021 was estimated at 3.88 million individuals, or those were 15 years old and over. 

“The country’s unemployment rate in August 2021 was estimated at 8.1 percent, or an increase of 1.2 percentage points from the 6.9 percent reported a month ago. The unemployment rate in August 2021 was lower than those reported in January, February, and April this year but it was higher than the rates in March 2021 (7.1 percent), May and June 2021 (7.7 percent), and in July 2021 (6.9 percent),” it added.

The PSA said that consequently, the employment rate in August 2021 dropped to 91.9 percent from the 93.1 percent in July 2021.

“In terms of magnitude, 44.23 million out of 48.12 million individuals in the labor force were employed. This was higher than the employment rate in April 2021 (91.3 percent) during which the National Capital Region Plus Bubble was under enhanced community quarantine status,” it added.

Meanwhile, the PSA also said the labor force participation rate (LFPR) in August 2021 picked up to 63.6 percent, translating to about 48.12 million Filipinos 15 years old and over who were either employed or unemployed.

This was higher than the LFPR reported in January 2021 (60.5 percent), February 2021 (63.5 percent), April 2021 (63.2 percent), and July 2021 (59.8 percent).

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