Tue. May 17th, 2022

Senator Christopher “Bong” Go said he can work with anyone if elected as Vice President in the 2022 polls.

(Photo Courtesy: Business Mirror)

He said his priority is to pursue the continuity of programs of the current administration and expand it further to sustain the positive change that President Rodrigo Duterte has started.

“I can work with anyone. Right from the start, I serve without discriminating anybody. I would respect anyone who would be elected for president by the people,” Go said in Filipino in a statement on Wednesday.

Go has pledged to be a “working vice president” if the Filipino people elect him, stressing that he will not merely be a “spare tire,” but rather a public servant who ordinary Filipinos can rely on.

“If given a chance by our people, I will be a working Vice President who would do everything to serve the Filipinos, not only in words but also in action. I won’t be a spare tire,” he said in Filipino.

Go filed his Certificate of Candidacy in Pasay City on October 2, accompanied by President Duterte.

He said his decision to run was motivated by his desire to carry on the Duterte Administration’s legacy.

“As an official and a candidate of PDP-Laban, I’m one with my party mates in our goal to continue the programs and genuine change that President Duterte has started,” he said in Filipino.

The senator added that the party “will support a presidential candidate who can push for the continuity that the people want.”

Meanwhile, Go thanked Filipinos for their continued support for him and the Duterte Administration.

He assured them that he would keep pushing for programs that would continue the change that the present administration had started.

Go, on the other hand, said despite his vice presidential bid, he remains focused on his duties as a senator and public servant especially in assisting the government and the general public in combating the Covid-19 pandemic.

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