Thu. May 19th, 2022

The Palace on Monday commended on Monday Maria Ressa for her winning the Nobel Peace Prize award for this year alongside Dmitry Muratove of Russia.

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Ressa is the co-founder of the Philippines digital media outlet Rappler while Muratov is the longtime editor of and co-founder of the independent Novaja Gazeta newspaper in Russia. The two were recognized with the Nobel Prize on Friday for their investigative reporting amid ferocious pushback from their governments.

“It is a victory for a Filipina and we are very happy for that,” presidential spokesperson Harry Roque told a regular news conference.

“Of course, it is true there are individuals who feel Maria Ressa still has to clear her name before the courts,” he added.

Rappler and Ressa, the first woman to win a Nobel Prize this year, are critics of the Philippines government under President Rodrigo Duterte. The committee called Ressa a “fearless defender of freedom of expression.”

“Ressa and Rappler have also documented how social media is being used to spread fake news, harass opponents and manipulate public discourse,” the committee said.

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