Tue. May 17th, 2022

Water from the San Roque Dam despite will not likely be released even if its has a level of 280 meters above sea level (masl) or at normal high water level.

In an interview, the San Roque Power Corporation (SRPC)

vice president for corporate affairs Engr. Tom Valdez said the water level at San Roque Dam reached 281.27 masl on Wednesday, with an inflow of 673 centimeters (cms) and outflow of 275 cms.

“We are not expecting the opening of any gates. Since the Severe Tropical Storm Maring was here, we have not opened the gates. We only released (it) for power generation,” he said.

Valdez said San Roque Dam has a 10-meter allowance from its normal water level, which can still contain waters coming from the Binga and Ambuklao Dam.

The Ambuklao and Binga Dam have been releasing excess water since Monday.

“The inflow coming from Binga is now going down since there is no longer rain in the upland,” he added.

Valdez said aside from the constant monitoring of the tropical cyclone, among the criteria being considered for water release is if the amount of rainfall reaches 60 millimeters per second and with a water inflow of more than 1,500 cms.

Meanwhile, in July this year, SRPC temporarily stopped its power generation as the water level dipped to 225 masl. 

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