Tue. Dec 7th, 2021

A health official on Monday reminded of the need to proactively promote minimum public health standards despite the lowering of the alert level status in the National Capital Region (NCR) and community quarantine classification in other areas.

(photo courtesy: http://www.rappler.com)

Dr. Edsel Salvana, a member of the Department of Health (DOH) – Technical Advisory Group, warned about complacency to prevent potential super spreader events.

“While the Alert Level 4 was downgraded, we are still in Alert Level 3. That means, we are not yet in the level that we can really say the cases will not spike,” Salvana said in Filipino an interview during the Laging Handa press briefing.

“We should not be relaxed at this time and should avoid activities that can potentially turn into super-spreader events,” he added partly in Filipino.

He said adhering to the principles of the 3Cs (Closed, Crowded, and Close Contact) Strategy should remain, even if the alert level status goes down further.

For instance, Salvana said only vaccinated ones are allowed to enter cinemas, with eating and drinking prohibited.

“So, we are trying to balance these activities, while seeing if it remains safe,” he said.

Salvana said it is important to make sure that only those vaccinated individuals are allowed to conduct 3Cs activities.

He noted there is a higher chance to spread the virus every time the government eases the community restrictions and while the mobility is increasing.

However, it could be prevented if protocols are strictly enforced.

“And because the vaccination rate is increasing, the lower the chances to have severe cases once a carrier infects others and we really have to do it slowly,” he added in Filipino.

Salvana said people should learn how “to live with the virus”. 

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