Mon. Nov 29th, 2021

By Ado Paglinawan

My working title to this article was: “Even Norwegian Idiots are Helpless: United “Me” Opposition is Losing Bigtime, so Will Chismis Do It?”

Leni Robredo. Manny Pacquiao. Isko Moreno. Panfilo Lacson.

Doesn’t it bother these four wannabes that the only man who can beat Bongbong Marcos in the 2022 elections, is a woman who is giving way to him in a supreme act of self-sacrifice never since seen in this country since 1985?

That noble woman is Sara Duterte.

Some were hoping “necropolitics” would still work, either influenced by the cadavers of Jesse Robredo or Noynoy Aquino, the recent Liberal Party celebrated dead, but it seems even that is not to be clicking this time around.

Bedsides Bongbong has its own necro-formula.

The most auspicious dead today is Ferdinand Emmanuale Edralin Marcos Sr. who was buried at the Libingan ng mga Bayani.

Even Antonio Parlade’s recent ominous radio comment “what if something happens to Maria Ressa?”, also has not caught fire. Filipinos have to see a corpus delecti, and unless the Noel laureate meets her flatline, there is no saying one way or another.

The last time I read of her, she just won the Nobel Prize, which only proved her statement and Norwegians idiots, “If you can make people (like the Norwegians) believe lies are the facts, then you can control them.” Parentheticals mine.

In a recent interview with MSNBC, Ressa said, “Back in 2012, several colleagues took to Facebook to create a space where they could freely share fact-based news. They said they wanted to use “social media for good.” Nearly 10 years and a Nobel Peace Prize later, Ressa worries that Facebook and other platforms have become pay-to-play “behavior modification systems” that threaten democracy.

She forgot that based on government records, Omidyar Network, the gang that masterminded the regime change in Ukraine called the “Orange Revolution”, bought control of her social media website Rappler for a cool $1 million. Amending it later in a public forum abroad, her tongue slipped and blurted $4.5 million”.

Recently too, she posted on Facebook and Twitter this meme claiming 4,000 cars joined the Fink motorcade. No traffic jams were reported in Region 5. On the contrary, estimates aired on social media only accounted about 30.

In a survey for presidential candidates, her Rappler conducted an online survey, but when its foreign trolls, some Arabs, some from other Asian countries voting for Leni Robredo were monitored by private netizens, Ressa ordered it taken down. By the way, Bongbong Marcos ended up winning that one with a landslide.

The Manila Bulletin conducted its own, and the pattern of a Bongbong landslide holds.

Gwen’s Cebu dinner.
Loida’s New York dinner.

Dinner wars

It seems this has not even reached its peak as Sara Duterte fans are still holding on to the hope to that she runs for a national office. So when she recently flew to Cebu to join Bongbong Marcos meeting up with Governor Gwen Garcia, the spectre of a solid Metro Manila, Metro Cebu and Metro Davao shattered social media to a blasting wow.

Panicking over a dinner hosted by Gwen for Bongbong and Sara, Loida Nicolas Lewis also sent a photo of her and her sister Mely Nicolas hosting a “fink” dinner at her New York condominium. Some of friends were there – Vicky and husband former envoy Joey Cuisia, and Eric Furbeyre, a yellow diehard who belong to the Ninoy Aquino Movement of the mid-80s.

Robredo ok’s vote-buying

The fink ribbon, however, has still failed to perk up the vice president whom I started to call “Leni Gaga” after her recent remarks over social media admonishing voters to “accept the candidates bribes while voting for their own choice”, a remark that did not settle well with the Comelec spox.

James Jimenez tweeted, “Vote-buying is an election offense regardless of financial situation or noble intentions. That should not be done or suggested to voters.”

Robredo’s irresponsible statement show that she is everything else but the moral ascendancy she is trying to claim over Bongbong Marcos.

I call her gaga because she is not uneducated and yet she seems to have already been consumed by her party’s hate against the Marcoses that she has forgotten GMRC 101 – good manner and right conduct.

I challenge all my readers to follow all her public statements, and if they do not confuse you enough to ask for bonamine, prick your skin and if you do not see red, you could have also contracted the yellow plague.

Bongbong’s topping all surveys could be attributed to the people’s desire for continuity or departure from the current form of governance, a data scientist said.

Dr. David Yap explained that this became more apparent after Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio decided not to run for president.

“With a noticeable absence of Mayor Sara Duterte in the roster of presidential candidates, it stands to reason that those who would have voted for her and in passing for continuity would choose former senator Ferdinand ‘Bongbong” Marcos Jr. who is viewed by many to be aligned with President [Rodrigo Duterte],” he added.

In the Pahayag Second Quarter survey of Publicus, Duterte-Carpio was the frontrunner with 20.8 percent followed by Marcos at 17.8 percent, whereas Marcos posted a 28 percent lead against Vice President Maria Leonor “Leni” Robredo at 49.3 percent in the third quarter survey results.

Manila Mayor Francisco “Isko Moreno” Domagoso who has positioned himself as a probable continuity of the Duterte administration is not going his way.

Yap said, “It would appear that given his current numbers, (Isko being perceived as a continuity candidate that does not seem to be the case because he’s polling at 10 percent — either he’s being crowded out by Marcos in that sort of niche or he’s not viewed as a continuity candidate,” he said, noting the few instances in the past months wherein the Manila Mayor engaged in publicized arguments with Duterte.

The next Pahayag survey will be conducted in December, with results to be posted in January. It is expected to include the complete list of candidates for the 2022 polls, taking into account possible substitutions by November.

So what will stop Bongbong after Sara has already openly endorsed him?

Chismis galore

Will Ramon Tulfo’s chismis do it?

Sara Duterte denied she would be Marcos’ running mate after Tulfo’s October 26 column in The Philippine STAR claimed she intends to do so.

The mayor hit Tulfo for claiming that she will run alongside Marcos to “upset” Sen. Christopher Lawrence “Bong” Go.

“Sa aking karera sa pulitika marami na ako nakasalamuha na lalaki na tulad ni Tulfo, ‘yung paningin sa mga babae ay hindi nag-iisip at ibinabase ang galaw at pananalita sa nararamdaman lamang. Mga lalaking bastos at mapanghusga (In my years as a politician, I’ve encountered so many men like Tulfo, who think women don’t think and base their actions and words solely on how they feel. These men are rude and judgmental),” she added.

Sara advised her supporters not to allow themselves to be disrespected due to age, gender or beliefs.

“Sa buhay ninyo, huwag ‘nyo hayaan na kayo ay bastusin dahil sa edad, kasarian, o paniniwala. ‘Wag ‘nyo payagan na kayo ay Tulfohin (In your life, don’t allow yourself to be treated badly because of your age, gender, or beliefs. Do not allow yourself to be be Tulfoed),” she said.

Mayor Duterte said another “lie” in Tulfo’s column was that she allegedly implied that even after getting elected senator, Go continued to be “servile” to her father and that there was nothing wrong with that.

Tulfo also claimed Duterte-Carpio implied that she and her siblings cannot go directly to the President without passing through Go, and that there is still bad blood between Duterte-Carpio and the President stemming from her parents’ separation.

“Mr. Tulfo’s article should be found not in any of the main pages of The Philippine Star unless The Philippine STAR is a rumormonger publication or a tabloid that serves people like Mr. Tulfo,” she said.

“Lastly, as the object of Mr. Tulfo’s journalistic irresponsibility, courtesy of The Philippine Star, I deserve an apology — however, I am not expecting it,” Duterte-Carpio said.

Sara warned the public: Do not allow yourself to be “Tulfoed”.

Morphing to better

Pink pundits are in denial of Bongbong presidential preparations. He was cheated in the 2016 vice presidential elections, says I, but from the ashes of his defeat he grew into an even better presidential timber.

Since 2018, I have interviewed him thrice and I see metamorphosis in the man not just in terms of political mastery as he had long acquired that, but maturity as a statesman.

In the recent faux pas of Maria Ressa about using foreign trolls in attempt to picture a false Robredo lead in a survey, Bongbong was magnanimous in telling the public to give Rappler another chance.

In fact, I see that he has already not only forgiven the cheats that caused him a vice presidential defeat, but has forgotten them. His campaign peg for the moment is inclusive – “Sama-sama tayong babangon muli!”

Dick Gordon who may not see reelection in this campaign, once said when I supported him as chairman of the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority – “What we need today is not a change of men, but a change in men.”

I doubt the people will still vote for him because I sense he has changed from the flash reformer before into a tradition politician who uses Senate investigations in aid of election. In fact, he has not shred a bit of the hubris that has always been with him since his Ateneo days. His last poison arrow aimed at Duterte is a weird accusation his friend Michael Yang is a China spy.

I would have believed the big Dick at all if he hinted instead that Michael was the President’s fairy godmother. I find the spy attribution as more the signs of alzheimers starting with paranoia.

The case of President Marcos’ son is different.

BBM listens, and then studies before forming a first opinion. He doesn’t stop there, he listens further, and as the facts on the ground changes, he adjusts perceptions and the policy forming in his mind guided not by ego but what is best for the country.

Bongbong is the transformational leader, we have been waiting for.

What about the rest of the presidential wannabes?

Are they still there?

 Source: Publicus

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