Sun. May 22nd, 2022

A day after China’s Communist Party elevated President Xi Jinping to an elite historical status, a top official in the party criticized the United States and Western allies on Friday and said they’re not at all concerned with democracy.

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Jiang Jianqua, the party’s director of policy research, made the remarks at a high-profile news conference to discuss the Communist Central Committee’s plenary session that ended Thursday.

His criticisms are noteworthy because they’re a rare public rebuke of the United States to come from China’s ruling party.

Jiang criticized the idea that the United States and allies are promoting democracy and said the U.S. system is geared toward wealth.

“He said democracy is not a patent of the West, nor can it be defined by the West,” he said, according to the state-run Global Times. “Western democracy is a democracy dominated by capital, a democracy of the rich, not true democracy.”

Jiang criticized the planned U.S. “Summit for Democracy” next month and said the American government faces “loads of problems.”

“Democracy is not true if the people are awakened only at the time of voting and then fall into hibernation, if they can only listen to the election slogans but have no say after the election, if they are favored only at the time of campaigning and then are left out after the election,” Jiang added, according to the Times.

Jiang’s remarks came one day after the party approved a resolution elevating Xi to historically elite status, where he joins only two other Chinese rulers – Mao Xedong and Deng Xiaoping. The move clears the way for Xi to run for a third five-year term in 2022.

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