Mon. Nov 29th, 2021

The prominent metal globe that has adorned the SM Mall of Asia in Pasay City since 2006 was stolen on Saturday night, with some netizens suspecting it is part of a publicity stunt.

(Photo Courtesy: reddit)

The supposed theft has taken social media by storm, with some netizens making fun of it. Some netizens, however, think the supposed theft is a publicity stunt that is part for the opening of a major furniture and fixture brand in the Philippines.

It was netizen Chester Tangonan who shared a video on Facebook showing the globe being stolen by a helicopter, according to a national daily.

“Spot nyo ‘to, guys!” (Guys, spot this!) he wrote. “Nakunan ng dashcam ko ngayon lang na tinatangay yung MoA globe! Ano yon?” (My dashcam captured now the stealing of the MoA globe. What is that?)

The MOA management said it is cooperating with authorities in probing the incident.

“SM Mall of Asia is currently working with authorities in investigating the MoA globe incident,” it said in a statement posted in its Facebook page on Sunday. “With our security measures in place, rest assured that SM Mall of Asia continues to be a safe place for family and friends.”

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