Tue. Dec 7th, 2021

Germany is facing a “national emergency” with record coronavirus infections while neighbor Austria will become the first western European nation on Monday to enter a nationwide lockdown also because of a surge in cases and deaths.

(photo courtesy: http://www.time.org)

The two nations are contributing to Europe’s 15 percent weekly surge in cases and 4-percent deaths – the only continent to rise in both categories. Europe’s death toll stands at 1.379 million, the most of the continents, and cases were 70.459 million, second behind Asia, so far Sunday, according to tracking by Worldometers.info.

Other European nations experiencing surges include Russia, which has been breaking its daily deaths records, as well as other nations in the eastern region: Poland, Ukraine, Romania and Czech Republic.

The world’s infections went up 8 percent for a 257.775 million total and deaths went down 0.5 percent for a toll of 5.167 million. The United States leads in deaths at 793,604 and cases at 48.578 million.

Germany reported 331,944 cases in the past week, which is second to the United States’ 601,415, for a 33-percent gain. Deaths rose 22 percent with 1,394 added, ninth in the world.

Austria’s cases were up 28 percent to 14,042 and deaths increased 47 percent with 22.

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