Tue. Dec 7th, 2021

Trade Secretary Ramon Lopez believes that the country’s economic recovery will continue even Alert Level 2 remains next month.

(photo courtesy: http://www.pna.gov.ph)

In a radio interview on Wednesday, Lopez said the majority of economic activities, including live events and entertainment, are allowed to operate under Alert Level 2.

Only a few establishments like casinos and other non-essential businesses were left closed under the current alert level.

“In Alert Level 2, we are like (in) Alert Level 1,” Lopez said. “Even (though) we will be under Alert Level 2 (in December), the recovery will continue, Christmas will be merrier, reunions, and social events are happening already.”

He added that under Alert Level 2, indoor dine-in can operate up to 80 percent —50 percent allowed capacity, 20 percent additional capacity if the establishment is in an area with high vaccination rate, and additional 10 percent allowed capacity for those with safety seal.

“You need not to go to 100 (percent capacity) because we still need physical distancing,” he said.

The trade chief added that even at Alert Level 3, the country still logged higher gross domestic product (GDP) rate and exports were growing at double digit.

Lopez said the lower alert levels during the last quarter of the year will boost the country’s GDP growth for the full year of 2021.

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