Sat. May 28th, 2022

The Philippines ranked fourth among countries worldwide that have the highest recorded number of administered Covid-19 vaccines in a single day, Health Secretary Francisco Duque III said Thursday.

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“The latest report is that the Philippines is ranking number 4 globally for having jabbed 2.7 million in a day,” Duque said partly in Filipino, noting that the country has so far hit as thrice than its usual vaccination rate during the rollout of the “Bayanihan, Bakunahan” Covid-19 vaccination drive.

The Philippines is next to China’s 22 million, India’s 10 million and the United States’ 3.48 million doses, and followed by Brazil with 2.6 million doses.

“But if you are going to look at this in terms of the population – we are number 1 because we are only 110 million in population while India and China have more than 1 billion population,” Duque said.

The Philippines has administered 89.070 million doses of Covid-19 vaccine nationwide, with 51.811 million doses were used as first shot and 36.869 million Filipinos are fully protected against the disease and 389,410 vulnerable individuals have received their booster shots and additional doses.

The average vaccination rate in the last seven days increased to 1.506 million doses, with the administration of 2.714 million doses on Monday, 2.467 million on Tuesday, and 2.448 million on Wednesday.

So far, the government has partially recorded some 7.628 million doses were administered during the three-day period of massive vaccination drive, with more counts are yet to be included.

Duque hoped that the country will be able to sustain the gains from the ‘Bayanihan, Bakunahan’ vaccination drive such as increasing the average daily vaccination rate.

“I hope we are able to sustain the momentum,” he said.

Duque reiterated the government’s target to fully inoculate at least 54 million Filipinos by the end of December this year to achieve population protection.

Like any other government officials, Duque cited anew the crucial role of various local government units in scaling up the country’s vaccination program against Covid-19. 

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