Thu. May 26th, 2022

The Philippine has already attained “substantial population immunity” against Covid-19, according to OCTA Research fellow, Fr. Nicanor Austriaco Jr.

(Photo Courtesy: Forbes)

During the weekly taped “Talk to the People” of President Rodrigo Duterte aired late Monday night, the Catholic priest and molecular biologist said that the Philippines is logging the lowest number of daily Covid-19 cases in the past weeks while attaining the highest level of mobility in 20 months.

“Because the pandemic has raged and spread primarily in our cities and our first-class municipalities. The fact that the virus is struggling to find new Filipinos to infect suggests that we have obtained substantial population immunity,” he added.

He explained that the country’s neighbors – Thailand, Malaysia, and Vietnam – got the

Delta variant earlier than the Philippines, which explains the Covid-19 surges they are still experiencing.

“Now the reason why these four different countries have experienced four different pandemic curves is probably because, as you can see, the Philippines experienced substantial waves of previous variants — especially the Alpha, Beta variants, which struck our country in March and April of this year,” Austriaco said.

“And so combining the vaccinations and the natural immunity, what you’re seeing here is that many of our cities where the pandemic tends to focus are now stable enough to prevent transmission,” he added.

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