Fri. May 27th, 2022

Senator Christopher “Bong” Go told members of the media on Friday that President Rodrigo Duterte has yet to officially support another presidential contender.

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“As of now, based on our discussion, there’s no one yet. I’m waiting for whoever he’s endorsing,” Go said in Filipino during his visit to fire victims in Barangay 775, San Andres, Manila.

“I’m willing to wait whoever he endorses; that’s the one I’ll support,” he added in Filipino.

Go reiterated that the administration may support a candidate who will ensure the continuity of Duterte’s legacy and sustain the ongoing efforts towards pandemic recovery.

Meanwhile, when questioned why he has not officially withdrawn his candidacy weeks after announcing his decision, Go said he is not in such a hurry as the senator wants for his supporters to understand first the reasons behind his decision.

“As I’ve said, the withdrawal is until May 9 so why in a hurry? Why you in a hurry?” he said in Filipino.

As far as he is concerned, however, Go said he does not consider himself a candidate anymore.

Go appealed also for continued observance of health protocols especially in public gatherings, such as family celebrations, social functions, business fora, or political rallies.

He urged all Filipinos to participate in the country’s pandemic efforts and emphasized that overcoming the pandemic remains the country’s priority over politics.

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