Sat. Jan 29th, 2022

U.S. democracy isn’t ideal and has been under growing threat from racism and the absence of social justice, an Egyptian researcher has said.

(Photo Courtesy: Foreign Policy)

“The U.S. democracy lives its worst levels now, which makes it a subject for criticism even from the classical Western allies and several world leaders,” Mostafa Amin, an Egyptian researcher on Arab and international affairs, said.

He noted that U.S. democracy undergoes two serious determinants: severe racism and the absence of social justice.

“Acute racism has been clearly and deeply seen in the police dealing with the black citizens. Several famous incidents revealed the white people’s discrimination concerning the black’s rights,” he added.

Concerning social justice, Amin pointed out that capital intervenes U.S. presidential elections via collecting donations and launching huge advertising campaigns for the two parties,

which haunts the U.S. citizens.

Amin referred to the results of a recent survey carried out by the Pew Research Centre, which found that few believe U.S. democracy serves as a good model for other nations at least in its current state.

As many as 57 percent of the global respondents believed U.S. democracy used to be a good example, “but has not been in recent years,” according to the report.

The results of the report have revealed that the U.S. political system only practices democracy for the interests of the elites and lobbyists who impact the American reputation domestically and abroad, Amin said.

The Egyptian researcher stressed that Washington has committed unforgiven crimes against the Iraqi and Afghan people under the guise of democracy.

“The U.S. interference in Iraq was a mess that destroyed the country,” he said.

Amin highlighted that the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan

after 20 years of occupation proved the United States has failed in administering the struggle there.

The Afghan people have returned to a “dilemma of violence and terrorism,” he said.

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