Thu. May 26th, 2022

The Philippines climbed 46 notches to 57th place among 120 countries in terms of Nikkei Covid-19 recovery index, Presidential adviser and testing czar Vince Dizon said on Thursday


“We are now number 57. We climb 46 spots,” Dizon said during a vaccination event in Subic, Zambales.

Dizon said the Philippines is now ahead of Australia, the United States, Thailand, Singapore, Germany, and Vietnam, based on infection control, vaccination, and social mobility amid the pandemic.

“It is really a testament of our cooperation,” he said.

Dizon also attributed another milestone in the country’s pandemic response to the continuous implementation of prevention, detection, isolation, treatment, and reintegration (PDITR) Strategies against Covid-19.

This also resulted in the country’s very aggressive vaccination strategies and “Bayanihan” spirit among Filipinos, he added.

In a report published by Nikkei Asia on Monday, the Philippines ranked 57th, sharing the place with Tajikistan, Norway, and Malaysia, with a total score of 53.5 as of November 30.

The country jumped 46 spots higher compared to its 103rd ranking in October.

The Nikkei Asia Research said a higher ranking indicates a country or region is closer to recovery with its low numbers of confirmed Covid-19 cases.

It also indicates a better vaccination rate and less stringent social distancing measures.

On Tuesday, the Department of Health logged 235 new cases, the country’s lowest single-day infection in 18 months.

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