Thu. May 26th, 2022

A research report titled “U.S. Responsible for Global Spread of Covid-19” jointly released by the Intelligence & Alliance Think Tank and the Taihe Institute on Friday showed the United States is most likely the country where Covid-19 originated.


“Starting from March 2020, the Department of Health website of the U.S. state of Florida published records showing 171 patients had coronavirus symptoms or positive test results in January and February that year. The entire dataset disappeared from the website on May 4, 2020, only to return later in the evening without the column showing the date when those patients developed symptoms,” the report said.

It further stated that an antibody testing study published on June 15, 2020 was conducted by researchers with the U.S. National Institutes of Health and showed that more than 24,000 stored blood samples were collected between Jan. 2 and March 18 that year.

“According to the serology test theory, antibodies can be found about two weeks after a person being infected. In this study, the first positive sample came as early as Jan. 7, 2020 from a volunteer in the U.S. state of Illinois, suggesting the virus was present in the United States before mid-December in 2019, a month earlier than the first case officially reported in the country,” the report said.

However, even if the report said the U.S. was most likely responsible for Covid-19, it said that the country’s response to the disease became a victim of politics.

“The Democrats and the Republicans fight not for effectively controlling the epidemic and saving lives, but for using the pandemic as an opportunity to gain support from the voters. When the pandemic was at its worst in the U.S., which coincided with the 2020 presidential election, many politicians were more concerned about their own prospect in the government transition than how to handle the pandemic,” the report said.

The Taihe Institute was founded in 2013 and based in Beijing with research centers in the United States and Germany.

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