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A revolving door can also become a boomerang of sorts!

From the very start of the introduction of the Pfizer and Moderna U.S. vaccines in December 2020, Western media had propagandized them as “95% effective in preventing confirmed infection”[i].

At the same time, they spawned derogatory disinformation against the Sinovac and Sinopharm Chinese vaccines alleging them to be “… only 50% Effective. Is that good enough?”[ii]

After two years of real world, empirical historical observation, informed laymen can now form objective and credible assessment of the early claims made by Western media.

This is necessary because of Western media’s deliberate or inadvertent proliferation of confusing half-truths about the vaccines from the that tend to boost Western vaccines profits and demean the competition and China’s “vaccine humanitarianism.”

Have the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines really been “95% effective against infection” as incessantly publicized all over the world? Or have the more modest claims of the Sinovac and Sinopharm Chinese vaccines, been more realistic and reliable?

 The Jakarta Globe headlined that “Indonesia says Sinovac’s vaccine 98% effective to prevent deaths from Covid-19”.[iii]

Chile also reported “China’s Sinovac Covid-19 vaccine (to be) 67% effective in preventing symptomatic infection.”[iv]

A reality check is imperative at this point. Continuing fantastic claims of Western media about US mainstays vaccines, the mRNA, still pop up, such as this BBC headline, “Could mRNA make us superhuman?”[v]

Meanwhile, empirical evidence shows uncontrolled rampage of the Covid-19 and its variations currently rage like wildfire in Western countries that primarily employed Pfizer and Moderna.

Chinese vaccines denigrated, then vindicated

Updated assessments are necessary as the disinformation war against Chinese vaccines continue unabated, such as, this latest item citing selective portions of a Hong Kong article that Bloomberg reported, SCMP published, repeated by Google news feed and rehashed in international media, that is, “Sinovac booster insufficient against Omicron, study shows”[vi]  and “2 Sinovac plus Pfizer booster less effective against Omicron variant.”[vii]

Interestingly, “WHO Incident Manager Dr. Abdirahman Mahamud, Western Pacific Region, said on January 4, 2022 that Chinese-produced vaccines, Sinopharm and Sinovac, will protect against ‘severe hospitalization’ due to the Omicron variant”.[viii]  

However, his statements had to be circulated in social media by independent bloggers and e-news sites because not a single organ of mainstream Western and Philippine media reported this.

The Hong Kong report cited one of the original news sources, the Straits Times dated December 15, 2021, that a “Sinovac shot offers inadequate shield from Omicron variant, says HK (Hong Kong University) study” and followed this with other creative misinforming headlines by Bloomberg and others that selectively omitted vital facts such as those pointed out by Straits Times contributor Foong Swee Fong:

“But what the newspaper did not mention is that the researchers found that Sinovac’s vaccine produces much higher levels of T-cell responses which help in destroying infected cells and are thus important in limiting severity and fatal outcomes. The researchers go on to say that this finding is consistent with high levels of protection against hospitalization and death in Sinovac’s vaccine observed in Chile and Turkey despite lower antibody neutralization.”[ix]

Pfizer and Moderna effectiveness in Israel

What about Pfizer effectiveness? The best place to find answers to this question is Israel where Pfizer and Moderna are used almost exclusively.

An August 18, 2021 article entitled “Israeli Data Suggests Possible Waning in Effectiveness of Pfizer Vaccine that was published in the New York Times, reported that “… The new number still show overwhelmingly strong protection against severe disease but diminished effectiveness against infection.[x]

 “Analyzing the government’s national health statistics, researchers estimated that the Pfizer shot was just 39 percent effective against preventing infection in the country in late June and early July, compared with 95 percent from January to early April. In both time periods, however, the shot was more than 90 percent effective in preventing severe disease.” If it’s only 90 % effective against preventing severe disease, then it’s no different from Sinovac!


Waning Immunity after the BNT162b2 Vaccine in Israel

(New England Journal of Medicine)

What should shock us is the now established fact that the effectiveness of Pfizer mRNA vaccines can go as low as 39% against preventing infection.

This is so far from the 95% effectiveness originally claimed with much trumpeting in late 2020 when Pfizer was approaching approval for Emergency Use Authorization (EUA). In fact, the British Medical Journal have always denied that Pfizer and Moderna had ever proven its early claims.

Caution on Pfizer and Moderna unheeded

As far back as November 2020, two leading medical science experts had already cautioned against accepting Pfizer and Moderna claims that the 3-phase trials had been completed and “95% effective” vaccines have been achieved.

Dr. Peter Doshi of the British Medical Journal[i]  and Dr. Masayuki Miyasaka, Professor emeritus of immunology at Osaka U[ii] made the following notable statement:

 “The American companies may have thought they could have the vaccines approved more easily by creating the impression from an early stage that their vaccines are effective. Intense competition probably plays a part in this, but if one company does this… It’s a cause for concern.”

The Americans did indeed puff up their vaccines; fortunately, the Chinese stuck to the ethical norm all throughout and has been vindicated.

While barely making a dent on the propaganda efforts, the credibility of the Western mRNA Pfizer and Moderna vaccines have been eroded with real-world evidence.

The current rampage of the Covid-19 variants across the U.S. and Europe exacerbates this credibility problem even though mainstream media is hardly mentioning the implications.

“Out of Sight, Out of Mind” seems to be the effect.

Instead, they preempted the international awareness for a proverbial “third dose” option especially for seniors and those with co-morbidities.

Not all vaccines are created equal. Modern techniques are not necessarily best.

Singapore as another laboratory

Though incidental at this point, one hears increasingly the argument involving geographical prevalence as evidence, namely, that culture and climate play significant roles in the high incidence of Covid-19 in the West and has nothing to do with the effectiveness of the vaccines. 

In response, we can cite tropical Singapore, which uses primarily Pfizer and Moderna, that has a higher incidence of Covid-19 in proportion to its ASEAN neighbors.

Singapore officially and predominantly uses Pfizer and Moderna, but it is as Asian in culture as any ASEAN country sharing the same tropical zone climate. Why then does this vastly richer, more modern society have proportionately higher Covid-19 infections than neighbors Indonesia and the Philippines?

By December 25, 2021, Singapore had accumulated 277,555 Covid-19 infections; how does this compare with the level of infections of the two biggest ASEAN countries?[i]     

Indonesia – with nearly 50 times more people than Singapore – had 4,261,667 cumulative cases, while the Philippines – with 20 times more population than Singapore – had 2,838,381 cumulative cases. If the same proportions are applied, Singapore should have only 141,419 cumulative cases compared to the Philippines and 213,082 cases matched when with Indonesia.

Vaccine ideology clash

The U.S. chose its vaccine technology, production and distribution from a purely capitalist profit motive.

The vaccines produced by other countries were seen as an immediate challenge to its market and profit-maximization strategy.

The choice of mRNA technology was due to the speed and low cost of production, with low regard for the problems of transport and storage to and within the less developed countries facing the same pandemic.

Take it from Prof. Robert Langer at the MIT and one of the founders of Moderna: “With traditional vaccines, you have to do a lot of development. You need a big factory to make the protein, or the virus, and it takes a long time to grow them…The beauty of mRNA is that you don’t need that.”[ii]

Thus, mRNA is fast, cheap to mass produce and bring to the market; its downside is that it requires cold storage facilities at minus 20- 70°degrees centigrade that even the US is short of and is almost non-existent in poor countries.

The mRNA vaccines of Pfizer and Moderna also have the issue of short- and long-term side effects hanging over them, such as, cases of myocarditis that are serious enough for the US CDC to issue advisories on.

All these problems do not arise with the 500-year-old Chinese “inactivated virus” vaccine technology that is safe and effective and stored at 8°C, which is like ordinary refrigerator temperature and is perfect for the vaccine needs of the developing world.

It should be remembered that, first and foremost, China’s Covid-19 vaccines were designed for mass distribution, to control the outbreaks and pandemic, regardless of profit within China and the world.

In May 2020, after China had already successfully contained the outbreak, President Xi Jinping announced China will treat its vaccines as a “global public good” that are meant as donations and/or available at affordable prices.

China has also supported the removal of patents on the vaccines for poor countries.

China’s vaccine humanitarianism

China is living up to its pledge of helping lead the world towards a “Community of Shared Future for Mankind.”

Starting with President Xi’s May 2020 pledge, this was quickly accompanied by a $2-billion donation to the WHO to help fight the coronavirus, the donation and delivery of 150-million doses of vaccines to ASEAN and recently, the pledge of 1-billion additional doses and $ 10-billion in aid to Africa over the next three years. [iii]

The U.S. and some Western allies have cynically described China’s vaccine aid as “vaccine diplomacy” to cast a cold and Machiavellian umbra over it. However, I call it China’s vaccine humanitarianism and “Silk Road of Life and Health” because it also saves lives aside from supporting health the world over.

Truly, China is fulfilling the moral mandate of the WHO on this pandemic, namely, “No one is safe until everyone is safe.”

Through this pandemic, China has demonstrated the authenticity and integrity of its call for all the nations of the world to arm-link as one to build the “Community of Shared Future for Mankind.”

The paucity of US rhetoric about Human Rights and Democracy are exposed by its lies and information war on vaccines, its vaccine apartheid against poorer nations, and its grotesque obsession with vaccines profiteering and hoarding. ###
















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  1. Thank you for writing this article! Indeed, mRNA vaccines (Biontech-Pfizer and Moderna, but also Astraceneca and Johnson and Johnson) have been causing injuries and deaths in the European continent. However, these claims are being swept under the carpet by many governing bodies. Many scientists who have been warning on the outcomes of these vaccines are being censored, while medical doctors are literally ripped of their licenses as they refuse to comply with what is asked of them, namely, to lie to people. Appallingly, the mainstream media while also feeding us with disembled and biased reports led many academics to create their own blogs to at least get to some people and save lives. Whilst my claims are based on the occurences currently taking place in Austria, it is not different in other Western states. Many of us here know about the efficiency and humane Chinese vaccines or the Sputnik ones, but the current government in Austria does not give it to people. This resulted to many Western European individuals getting their jabs in Russia. While this pandemic seems to protect only the elites, I believe that there is a lot of corruption going on at the expense of many peoples’ lives. I hope I am wrong, but unfortunately, the current research datas shows that my allegations are right.

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