Mon. Jan 24th, 2022

THE government is being urged to place Metro Manila or the National Capital Region (NCR) under Alert Level 4 as the number of Covid-19 cases continues to surge.


On Saturday, the Department of Health (DOH) logged 26,458 new Covid-19 cases, surpassing the previous high of 26,303 were recorded in September 2021.

Dr. Rontgene Solane, who is a member of the country’s Vaccine Expert Panel, said there is already a sustained community transmission of the highly infectious Omicron variant, and that there is a need to place the NCR under the higher alert level.

He added that hospitals are now experiencing a shortage of health care workers to take care of Covid-19 patients.

Solane further said that a person infected with the Omicron strain can infect as many as 18 to 25 people he or she will come in contact with.

For her part, Department of Health-Health Promotion Bureau Director Beverly Ho said the country’s experts “assume there is community transmission even if it is not officially declared by the World Health Organization and confirmed by the genome sequencing”.

Solante also emphasized being infected with the Omicron variant and recovering from it does not guarantee lifetime protection against Covid-19.

“We know that once you’re infected with Omicron variant, once you recover, you still have an antibody, and that’s why you are protected against the reinfection of Omicron variant. As long as there is a mutation, community transmission, you can always get Covid-19,” he said.

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