Sat. Jan 29th, 2022

Covid-19 cases rose 48 percent worldwide in just one week as several nations have shattered daily records, including Australia with more than 100,000 cases daily after being largely contained the outbreak until the arrival of the Omicron variant.


Deaths, however, only went up 1 percent or 42,899 for a total toll of 5.506 million.

Numbers are spiking despite ramped-up vaccine efforts and mandates, including inoculations and mask wearing.

The strain, which was first detected by scientists in South Africa on Nov. 24, has surpassed the Delta variant throughout the world.

In one week, infections rose by 15.867 million for a total of 307.795 million, according to tracking by On Friday, cases hit a daily record of 2.74 million and it subsided Saturday to 2.24 million with 1.857 million on Sunday. On Dec. 13, it was down to 480,954. During the height of the Dela variant spike, cases reached 904,084 on April 29.

One week earlier the rise was 59 percent and two weeks earlier 13 percent.

Australia had largely avoided mass infections, with only 2,688 as of Oct. 14. However, cases have climbed 220% in one week, including 115,507 Saturday and then 100,571 Sunday. Overall, the nation has climbed to 46th with 978,004. Deaths are 2,367, including 23 more Sunday in a nation of 25.9 million.

Several nations set daily cases records during the surge, led by the United States with 870,702 (population 334.0 million) on Friday and a world-leading 61.263 million after reporting 308,616 infections on Sunday. The nation also has the most deaths at 859,356.

Nations with cases records include France at 332,252 (population 65.5 million), Britain at 218,724 (population 68.4 million), Italy at 219,441 (population 603 million), Spain at 161,688 (population 46.8 million), Argentina at 110,533 (45.8 population), Canada at 49,829 (38.2 million population), Turkey at 68,413 (85.7 million), Greece 50,126 (10.3 million population).

The Philippines (110 million population) set a local record of 28,707 Covid-19 cases on Monday.

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