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Team Biden seems determined to follow Trump’s script for confrontation with China. | Cartoon courtesy of

Last of Two Parts

In the US, any time the sitting federal government gets 50% popular approval it is considered to be doing well.

Our model of democracy says the right to carry a gun, to wear a mask in public places or to receive vaccinations against Covid-19 are important political issues and not matters of public health.

Further, the most urgent issue at hand right now is how legally to deny certain Americans the right to vote.

Biden’s China team seems oblivious to the fact that much has changed between the US and China since the financial crisis of 2008 caused by fraudulent financing of mortgage swaps by Wall Street.

China’s disenchantment began in 2008

China’s disappointment in the US and loss of confidence in Wall Street have meant a loss of faith in the American dollar. In lieu of quantitative easing American-style, China invested heavily in its infrastructure, resulting in superhighways and the world’s largest network of high-speed rail.

China then applied its experience and expertise in building infrastructure to a world-girding Belt and Road Initiative. At last count, China has started 2,800 projects in about 100 countries helping them build and improve their own infrastructure.

Given the total estimated investment value of $3.7 trillion, the participating nations could not hope to see new roads, railways, ports or airports without China’s help in financing and project-management expertise.

The best we in the US can do in response is to “warn” these countries to beware that China is promoting debt traps.

Along with economic cooperation on infrastructure projects, China has also promoted open global trade.

Before Biden was sworn in to the White House, China concluded the biggest free-trade agreement with the ASEAN+5 (China, Japan, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand) bloc, and a Comprehensive Agreement on Investment with the European Union.

As I said in my Asia Times commentary last January 2021, “The community of nations has moved on while, thanks to Trump, the US has been left at the station. It’s unrealistic to expect that the US under the new Biden administration can simply pick up from where the US was before the Trump debacle.”

Unfortunately, the Biden administration seems to think that all we need to do is to rally our old allies to counter China’s rise. To justify our continuing attacks on China, it’s not beneath our officials, abetted by our mainstream media, to resort to lies and fabrications – another Gulf of Tonkin in the making.

Asserting genocide in Xinjiang without proof

The most popular topic recently is to accuse China of committing genocide against Uighurs in Xinjiang, despite the fact that the population of Uighurs in China has been increasing and not declining.

However, it is a fact that economically Uighurs have done poorly as an ethnic group. Part of the effort to help them out of poverty was for the Chinese government to offer vocational training and to encourage young women from large multiple-sibling families to accept factory jobs elsewhere in China. The idea was to broaden a woman’s view of the world and raise her life expectations, in addition to earning a better income.

The prospect of leaving her family for some faraway city is likely a wrenching and traumatic experience for a young girl whose culture indoctrinates her from birth to prepare for marrying young, having babies and toiling on the family farm for the rest of her life.

Often, the factory recruiter would bring along an older Uighur woman who could describe her experiences in a factory and how her savings enabled her to help her parents enjoy better lives and even move into a Chinese city to live with her.

Xinjiang hype illustrates Western media hypocrisy

Chinese documentary becomes a BBC exposé

Beijing-based broadcaster CGTN made a documentary on the process of recruiting Uighur women for factory jobs elsewhere in China. By judiciously omitting certain parts of the video footage, the British Broadcasting Corporation transformed the documentary into an exposé of China forcing young Uighur women into slave labor.

Thanks to “Numuves,” who produced a YouTube video comparing the original Chinese version and the adulterated BBC version, we can see the BBC’s adroit skill in misrepresenting the truth.

Readers can view both versions and see how the BBC can shamelessly stoop to distort and fabricate in order to demonize China. Unfortunately, the BBC is hardly the only member of mainstream media to help the Western governments blacken China’s reputation and enhance our superior-than-thou stance.

Demonization of China via YouTube

YouTube is replete with accusations of The New York Times and other “reputable” members of the media being guilty of slanting reports to reinforce the anti-China bias.

Thus Biden, with bipartisan support and the coordinated distortion from the mainstream media, can confidently declare that China’s rise to become a world superpower will not happen on his watch.

In reality, China’s rise to becoming the most powerful economy is inexorable and only a matter of time. Whether it will happen during Biden’s watch really depends on how long he expects to be the US president. We hardly have a knee on China’s neck.

The day after the frosty and contentious meeting in Anchorage, Foreign Minister Wang Yi met with his Russian counterpart, Sergey Lavrov, in Guilin, China. They expressed solidarity in their views and oppose the “unilateral bullying” by Washington.

Wang Yi then went on to Tehran to sign a 25-year agreement with Iran worth $400 billion. China’s cash infusion to Iran will relieve the pressure of American sanctions and in exchange, oil from Iran will enhance China’s energy security.

The China-Russia-Iran alliance certainly should give us pause. We gave up trying to beat the Taliban in Afghanistan after 20 years, and that certainly shouldn’t give us confidence to take on the triumvirate. Nevertheless, the Biden team seems determined to follow Trump’s script for confrontation with China.

No issue is as sensitive and fraught with danger as Taiwan. Yet we seem determined to raise the tension over the waters around Taiwan and dare China to step over the red line.

God help us if we succeed in triggering a collision with China. Most of us won’t likely be around to see how the collision ends.

(Note: Updated, January 15, 2022. The original article came out @Asian Times on April 7, 2021.)

China calls on Russia to hold the line against ‘US perverse acts’. Wang Yi says Washington is using democracy and human rights to interfere in the domestic politics of other countries. Chinese foreign minister thanks Sergey Lavrov also for his support in the revived debate about the origins of the coronavirus.


Dr. George Koo is a regular contributor to online Asia Times after his retirement from a global advisory services firm where he advised clients on their China strategies and business operations. Educated at MIT, Stevens Institute and Santa Clara University, he is the founder and former managing director of International Strategic Alliances.

A present member of the Board of Directors at Freschfield PLC in Mountain View, California, United States, that has synthesized solar and hydrogen fuel cell technologies into an outer layer skin of buildings known as SmartSkinz creating a perpetual carbon-free energy source, under any weather condition, time of day and location.

Maintaining connection with the Santa Clara University Leavey School of Business, the premier business school in the heart of Silicon Valley with BSC, MBA and four MS degree options and Executive Education programs for a new, accelerated career direction, Dr. Koo is a skilled business advisor, cross cultural communicator and commentator dedicated to raising mutual understanding between American and Asian cultures. 

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