Mon. May 23rd, 2022

The number of daily reported Covid-19 infections outside the three major hotspots for the virus went up to 58 percent of the national total from the 12 percent in the previous week’s, according to OCTA Research.


OCTA Research fellow Guido David said new cases outside of the top three regions with the biggest number of Covid-19 cases – particularly Metro Manila (National Capital Region or NCR), Central Luzon, and Calabarzon, comprised only 12 percent of the national total on January 11, but rose to 58 percent on January 23

“Unfortunately, this will continue to increase. Please practice caution in public places,” David warned.

As of Sunday, Department of Health (DOH) reported 29,828 new Covid-19 cases with 5,178 or 18 percent were logged in the NCR, 4,227 or 14 percent in Calabarzon, and 2,787 or 10 percent in Central Luzon.

This shows that the three regions no longer comprise for at least 50 percent of new Covid-19 infections nationwide.

Meanwhile, the death toll has reached 53,472 with 67 new deaths, representing 1.56 percent of overall cases. 

“Of the 67 deaths, 49 occurred in January 2022 (73 percent), one in December 2021 (1 percent), two in November 2021 (3 percent), eight in October 2021 (12 percent), four in September 2021 (6 percent), one in August 2021 (1 percent), one in July 2021 (1 percent), and one in June 2021 (one percent) due to the late encoding of death information to COVIDKaya,” the Department of Health said. 

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