Fri. May 27th, 2022

A commissioner of the Commission on Elections said fellow Commissioner Rowena Guazon is “imposing” her opinions and own deadline on her colleagues in the poll body’s First Division who are handling the consolidated disqualification cases of Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr.

Commissioner Aimee Ferolino-Ampoloquio said these in a letter addressed to Comelec Chairman Sheriff Abas on Friday that was later leaked to the media, following Guanzon’s making public her vote to disqualify Marcos Jr.

Ferolino, the ponente or author of three cases, also called “appalling,” Guanzon’s decision to write a separate opinion on Marcos’ cases when the ponencia has not yet submitted the resolution.

“In doing so, one is clear to me, she is trying to influence my decision and trying hard to persuade me to her direction,” Ferolino said in her letter. “But I am not like her, not even close.”

“I did not read her separate opinion as I do not want my judgment to be influenced by her opinion nor other people’s opinion,” she continued.

Guanzon, for her part, said she aimed to write her opinion in just three days.

“How many days do you need to write a decision when all facts are admitted? I did it in three days,” she added.

Guanzon also challenged the counsel of the party of Marcos to a debate, following the disclosure of her vote in the disqualification case against the former lawmaker.

“I challenge George Briones of Partido Federal of BBM to a debate on TV. If he thinks he is brighter than me he should agree. The Commission En Banc @COMELEC has no jurisdiction over an administrative complaint against a Commissioner. I am an impeachable officer. You people better study. Let’s debate on TV,” Guanzon said in a Twitter post. BBM refers to Marcos.

Guanzon said that she may cite the party for contempt for threatening her.

“Does BBM know that Partido Federal is threatening me, the Presiding Commissioner while his case is pending? Maybe I’ll contempt you and put you in the Manila city jail,” she added.

This came as the party called for the disbarment and forfeiture of Guanzon’s retirement benefits for allegedly “prematurely and illegally” disclosing her vote which was in favor of the disqualification cases of the former senator.

Guanzon will retire from the Comelec on February 2, along with chairperson Sheriff Abas and fellow Commissioner Antonio Kho Jr.

On Thursday, Guanzon, Presiding Commissioner of the First Division, revealed that she voted to disqualify Marcos, based on her dissenting opinion on the case.

Besides Guanzon and Ampoloquio, the other member of the First Division is Commissioner Marlon Casquejo.

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