Fri. May 27th, 2022

The number of new infections and active cases of Covid-19 in the country declined Monday with the Department of Health reporting 14,546 new cases.


The DOH daily Covid-19 bulletin show that active cases is now at 190,818 as compared to Sunday’s 202,604.

Of the active cases, 177,584 were found to have mild symptoms, 8,239 asymptomatic, 3,126 moderate symptoms, 1,540 severe symptoms, and 329 in critical condition.

There are 25,600 new recoveries, bringing the country’s total to 3.315 million recoveries or 93.1 percent of all reported infections.

A total of 112 new deaths were also reported, up from Sunday’s 20, with the country’s total at 54,003 or 1.52 percent of all known Covid-19 cases.

Based on the latest testing data, there were 52,013 Covid-19 tests administered on Saturday with a positivity rate of 28.4 percent.

In the whole country, there are 4,000 beds at intensive care units (ICU) at 46 percent occupancy, 21,100 isolation beds at 46 percent occupancy, 15,400 ward beds at 48 percent occupancy, and 25 percent of 3,100 ventilators are in use.

In the National Capital Region, there are 1,400 ICU beds at 38 percent occupancy, 5,200 isolation beds at 35 percent occupancy, 3,900 ward beds at 41 percent occupancy, and 26 percent of 1,100 ventilators are in use.

Meanwhile, the Philippine National Police (PNP) on Monday reported 122 of its personnel recovering from the coronavirus.

Latest PNP data show that the total number of recoveries is now 46,460 since the pandemic started in 2020.

The number of new infections is 132, deaths remain at 126 and active cases at 1,607.

About 97 percent of the PNP personnel are fully vaccinated or equivalent to 218,371 persons. Only 2.61 percent or 5,872 personnel are waiting for their second dose.

Those who got their booster or third dose were placed at 39.91 percent or around 87,159. Those up for booster doses are 959 or only at 0.42 percent.

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