Sat. May 28th, 2022

The country’s active Covid-19 cases decreased to 84,229 as the Department of Health (DOH) on Saturday posted 10,662 new recoveries and only 3,792 new infections.


Its latest case bulletin showed that 3,016 of the total active cases are asymptomatic, 76,487 are mild, 2,971 are moderate, 1,443 are severe, and 312 are critical.

Of the more than 3.63 million people infected since the pandemic began, DOH said 96.2 percent or 3,495,209 have recovered.

Meanwhile, it logged 76 fatalities, raising the death toll to 54,930.

The positivity rate, at present, is 14.3 percent based on the 32,067 individuals tested for SARS-CoV-2 last February 10.

Coronavirus patients currently occupy 36 percent of the 3,900 intensive care unit beds nationwide, as well as 32 percent of 20,400 isolation beds, and 29 percent of 15,100 ward beds dedicated for Covid-19 patients.

In Metro Manila, 31 percent of the 1,300 ICU beds, 28 percent of the 4,400 isolation beds, and 29 percent of the 4,200 ward beds are being used.

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