Mon. May 23rd, 2022

Vice presidential aspirant Mayor Sara Z. Duterte thanked the leader of religious group El Shaddai for endorsing her vice-presidential candidacy and the Uniteam’s presidential aspirant Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. on Saturday.


Brother Mike Velarde, El Shaddai leader, announced the endorsement after the BBM-Sara UniTeam attended an event at its International House of Prayer in Amvel, Parañaque City on Feb. 12.

“Your support for my candidacy is strong and a big help in my aspirations and advocacies should I will be given a chance to win along with our presidential candidate Apo Bongbong,” Duterte said in a statement.

She said Uniteam has three dreams for the country – job generation, quality education, and peaceful living.

“Brother Mike and all the members of El Shaddai, your prayers and blessings are an additional weapon for us as we face the challenges to lead our country,” Mayor Sara added.

She vowed to continue the good programs and projects of the Duterte administration like “Build, Build, Build” and the war on illegal drugs.

“This is very important for Uniteam, for us to see the changes in the lives of the Filipinos,” Mayor Sara said. “Through these projects, our country will continue to grow and develop and it will have a positive effect on our economy.”

She also stressed that unity, along with faith in God was evident in the hearts of the El Shaddai members.

“Unity is the reason why your organization is strong and will remain stronger. I believe that there is no challenge, trial, or problem that cannot be solved or overcome through unity,” Duterte said.

The Uniteam’s main purpose, she said, is to make the country stronger, especially in the aspect of economy, labor, and peace and order.

“We believe in the power of unity. If we are united, we will have strength. With our collective effort, we can go far. We know that our future is not a joke. And if the Filipino people choose us in May, we will definitely face bigger challenges,” Duterte said. 

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