Sat. May 28th, 2022

Covid-19 is subsiding worldwide with a weekly 10-percent decrease in deaths and 21 percent in cases three months after the Omicron variant was first reported though two Asian nations, South Korea and Indonesia, are experiencing record daily infections.


In the past seven days, global cases increased 12,787,862 for a total of 424,852,365, according to tracking by on Sunday. Deaths, which lag a few weeks behind infections, increased to 67,624, for a total of 5,905,836. One week ago, the cases declined 19 percent and deaths fell 1 percent.

Cases hit a daily record of 3,804,223 Jan. 20, and it dropped Saturday to 1,584,313. On Dec. 13, it was down to 480,954. During the height of the Delta variant spike, cases reached 904,084 on April 29. The 8,124 deaths reported Saturday is less than half of the record 17,399 Jan. 27, 2020.

Since Omicron was first detected in South Africa on Nov. 24, most nations had set daily cases records.

But only two big countries set records last week: South Korea (109,828 Friday with 104,828 Sunday) and Indonesia (63,956 Thursday, 48,484 Sunday). But South Korea reported only 51 deaths Sunday, below the record of 109 Dec. 23, and Indonesia 163 on Sunday, far below 2,069 July 27.

Other nations with recent daily cases records include United States 904,168, France 501,635, Italy 228,1279, Brazil 286,050, Germany 247,128, Britain 218,724, Russia 203,766, Netherlands 189,377, Spain at 161,688, Australia 153,968, Argentina 134,439, Turkey 111,157, Japan 100,949, Israel 83,739, Mexico 60,552, Canada 55,350, Greece 50,126.

South Korea, with a population of 15.8 million, reported 563,804 cases in the week and rose to 1.396 million,  a 74-percent gain, with cases under 4,000 daily before the Omicron detection. South Korea has reported 7,405 deaths.

Despite a surge, South Korea is resorting to a “select and focus” approach by asking patients who test positive to look after themselves at home.

“We must use our limited resources more effectively, focusing on preventing high-risk patients from getting seriously ill or dying,” Health Minister Kwon Deok-cheol said last week.

Indonesia, with 278 million people, had been relatively immune from the spike, but cases rose 385,769 in one week, an increase of 74 percent from the prior seven days, for a total of 5.197 million in 17th. Indonesia’s previous record was 56,715 in mid-July last year during the Delta surge. Indonesia’s deaths are 146,365 in ninth place.

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