Thu. May 26th, 2022
 “Birds Nest”, China’s National Stadium that seats 80,000, burst in stunning fireworks for the culmination of the stellar event.

In the 21st century there is likely never going to be a Winter Olympics like the one that just closed as spectacularly as it opened on February 4, 2022 not only at the grandeur and splendor of the ceremonies and events, but in history.

The significance and success of the international sports event with 92 countries participating is spotlighted by the miserable failure of the United States. efforts to mar and disrupt it with its malicious “diplomatic boycott”.

Beijing’s success in hosting this event amidst the hostile stabs of the U.S.  is a victory for Mankind as 92 countries directly participated, including many tropical countries like the Philippines and other ASEAN members, and the rest of the 195 countries of the international community watching on the sidelines of traditional global broadcast and print media as well as the even wider global social media.

Contrary to the malign “diplomatic boycott” project of the U.S. to distract the world’s attention from the positive message of global solidarity “Together for a Shared Future”, the successful staging of the winter Olympics really did focus the world towards the vison and mission of getting the family of Man closer together enhancing the closing ceremony’s final message spelled out in English “One World, One Family” and in Chinese characters “All under Heaven, One Family”.

No noticeable mention of “diplomatic boycott” has been heard since the games began, neither is there any in the aftermath. Athletes of all of the countries who kowtowed to the U.S. “diplomatic boycott” all joined the games.

China’s ‘snow princess’ Eileen Gu Ailing, an American competing for China, made history when she became the first free-ski athlete to win three medals in a single Olympics. In 2019, Gu switched her sport allegiance from the US to China. She said at the time: “The opportunity to help inspire millions of young people where my mum was born, during the 2022 Beijing Olympic Winter Games is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to help promote the sport I love.”

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The U.S. having among the biggest delegation with 224 members, presents an ironic if not funny situation that mocks their political leaderships’ credibility and stature. Why the U.S. leadership creates such an embarrassing situation for itself and allies is incomprehensible.

The Anglosphere media had tried it best to downplay, to say the least, the Games’ success throughout its two weeks of competition, challenge and festive camaraderie in the Olympic bubbles, and this was underscored by the comment at a media conference from three-time US Olympic skier Aaron Blunck who praised Beijing’s “’stellar job’ with the whole Covid protocol” and getting his Twitter account suspended he and many believe for it.

Blunck elaborated on his experience in the winter Olympics, “I didn’t really know what to expect, being stateside you’ve kind of heard some pretty bad media, and that is completely false – it’s actually been phenomenal.”

Despite the Anglosphere media’s doomsday predictions of the highly infectious Omicron Covid-19 variant breaching Beijing’s Olympic safety bubble assuring the health of the 3,000 athletes prompting Time magazine to headline at the Olympics’ mid-point “So Far, So Good…”

The effectiveness of the Zero Covid plan for the Beijing Olympics convinces some Western media that it’s something to learn from of China. Wall Street Journal headlined, “China’s ‘Zero-Covid’ Policy Holds Lessons for Other Nations”, Bloomberg reports “Virus Cases in China’s Olympic Bubble Fall”.

This will disappoint the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) wish for failure of the Zero-Covid policy it opined in “China May Move beyond Zero-Covid” on it February 9, 2022 issue.

Beijing has ensured that it would deliver a “perfect” winter Olympics from start to finish. The warmth of the beginning welcome is epitomized by U.S. snowboarder Tessa Maud’s post on her vlog, “That guy who said ‘welcome to China’ literally just makes me tear up every time, because they are so nice.

All the volunteers are sweet and so kind. They are just so happy that we are here. We feel so welcomed. That was just insane.” I am sure Tessa Maud will be bringing this goodwill back home to the U.S. to tell friends and family.

Throughout the two-week event, the care and comfort of the athletes and the thousands of guests consisting of heads-of-states of more than 30 countries and their entourages, thousands of media representatives and journalists were treated to the wonders of modern China’s amenities – from snore free and automatic adjusting beds to robots prepared and served meals, to twice-a-day Covid testing.

It is just like everything that modern China does, throughout right down to every detail.

All these things the Beijing Winter Olympics highlights is the world that we are looking forward to with the vision of “A Community of Shared Future for Mankind” that China is advocating for the global community to commonly work for and cooperate in.

The hope and enthusiasm for human brotherhood and community we witnessed in the Beijing Winter Olympics overshadows all cynical and malevolent aspirations of some ideologies that have marked the past centuries of Mankind’s history.

While the malevolent forces are again trying to cook up wars in the West at the borders of Ukraine and Russia with false flags and warmongering with the strategic aim of hitting Asia later, the rest of the world with Asia is leading the drive to make peace and prosperity through Mankind’s camaraderie and brotherhood the permanent condition of the world today and into the future.

Together with seven billion people of Earth: One World, One Family; All Under Heaven, One Family! ###

REMINDER: Philippine Silk Road International Chamber of Commerce and Chinese Embassy Zoom celebration “A Memorable Winter Olympics” with Sec. Teddy Boy Locsin, Sec. Ramon Lopez, Sec. Bernadette Romulo-Puyat, FFCCCII’s Henry Lim Bonliong, and China’s Ambassador Huang Xilian plus many others on February 22, 3pm. Meeting ID: 93302302905 Passcode “winter”.

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