Fri. May 27th, 2022
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Eight long years, 15,000 dead East Ukrainians and thousands of refugees later, Mother Russia’s patience and sufferance finally snapped.

It embraced its two major regions, Luhansk and Donetsk, which had been oppressed by neo-Nazi driven West Ukraine and surrounded its forces around Kiev to enforce the de-Nazification and de-militarization of Ukraine.

President Putin moved at the right moment, cementing a Russia-China debt-free partnership that was self-sufficient in food and energy and with $ 700-billion reserves in gold, Euro, Yuan and only 15% in US $.

The West, US and NATO – plus the recalcitrant and goaded E.U.  – are pushing America’s “unipolar world” a.k.a. as the “New American Century” that it believed it was destined to have in this 21st Century after the Soviet Union dissolved in 1991.

This U.S. ambition is enshrined in a US neocon document “Project for a New American Century” that was written in 1995 and started in the bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999, the War on Terror in 2001, the “Pivot to Asia” in 2011 and the “regime change” in Ukraine in 2014 as the first stage in the conquest of Mother Russia before the final attack on China.

We who understand the grand strategic game of the U.S. Deep State (in collaboration with the calls of Boris Johnson for Britain and the Anglosphere) are not fooled unlike the vast majority of the world’s population under the mass mind control of Western media.

The stark historical reality is what I summed up in the above paragraph, namely, that the US has been attempting to realize Mackinder’s theory that I paraphrase as, “world control of the Eurasian Heartlands from Eastern Europe to Central Asia towards Russia.” Putin and Russia have stopped for the third time the barbarians from the West!

The US wants to expand its control of Europe all the way to Russia the same way Hitler wanted more “lebensraum” for the German people.

Lebensraum literally means “living space”. It was used early in the twentieth century by Germans explaining a plan to colonize other countries. The word is, however, most strongly associated with Nazi Germany whose idea of Lebensraum, served as the basis of their policy for the Germany’s expansionist ambitions.

The German invasion of Poland in September 1939 set this quest for “the Aryan race and space” in motion and began World War II in Europe.

It is white supremacist in essence.

This is the UN vote in 2021 on “combating glorification of Nazism, neo-Nazism and other practices that contribute to fueling contemporary forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance.”  In 2020, the vote had 130 in favor, 51 abstentions and 2 against; the same pattern exhibited since 2019 with only Ukraine and the US voting against.

Hitler reached all the way to Russia by crossing the Ukraine and controlling it with Nazi collaborators that the West Ukrainian government, which had been installed by the Americans in 2014, now extolled as heroes working for the Americans.

It is meant to keep the West Ukrainian government in line with US strategic interests on the Eurasian Heartland project. With Ukraine gripped with neo-Nazi hands by the neck since 2014, it can only do US bidding at every turn.

But there is more to this than meets the eye.

Only the United States and Ukraine voted against UN Resolutions denouncing the “glorification of Nazism,” racism and xenophobia.

The first American justification, both supported by Republicans and Democrats, as explained by its Mission to the UN, goes this way – “This resolution would legitimize the Russian “disinformation campaign” and supposedly justify using the fight against Nazi glorification and turn it against Russia’s neighboring countries.”

The Black Agenda Report by Philippe Gendrault, Ph.D. and Wendy C. Ong, Ph.D.  comments on this position – “This is a very interesting, albeit seriously hypocritical, claim from a country that has repeatedly used and continues to use the alibis of spreading Democratic values such as freedom and human rights of all to justify interfering in other countries (for example, through the activities of the National Endowment for Democracy and USAID), and to actively and passively obscure the imposition of U.S. interests first and foremost.

“If the U.S. will intervene in foreign countries to promote its interests in the guise of spreading democracy, then simply going against white supremacy and fascism is a no-no.”

Leaving the Russophobic narrative, it is rather interesting to read the American second justification of its persistent negative vote.

The U.S. Mission to the UN’s 2021 explanation says:

“The United States Supreme Court has consistently affirmed the constitutional right to freedom of speech and the rights of peaceful assembly and association, including by avowed Nazis, whose hatred and xenophobia are vile and widely scorned by the American people. We nevertheless firmly defend the constitutional rights of those who exercise their fundamental freedoms to combat intolerance and express strong opposition to the odious Nazi creed and others that espouse similar hatreds.”

The Black Agenda Report rebuts the argument as at once in a bad faith and a frightening one. It read:

“First, the assumption that white supremacy and Nazism are ‘scorned’ by the American people can certainly be questioned without much effort in light of U.S. history, support for U.S. international policies and right-wing populist movements in recent years.”

Even during World War II, the US government policies against those of Japanese descent in the US, incarcerating them even, definitely differed from those of German and Italian descent. “Even during such dire times, the country’s white supremacist ideology could not be contained.”

Over 110,000 Japanese Americans, including over 66,000 American citizens, forced into internment or concentration camps inside the US mainland, where 1,862 died from various causes.
Internees of Japanese descent in American concentration camp in Manzanar, California. View all 20 photos –

The report continues “Second, the U.S. Mission to the UN’s rationale against the resolution is disingenuous. It presents a false equivalency that wrongly places on equal footing—morally, legally and practically—the freedom of Nazis, fascists and white supremacists and the freedom of those who oppose them.

“The United States effectively reduces the history of white supremacy’s crime to a set of ideas, admittedly very bad ideas, by some whose rights are nevertheless no more, no less important than those of people opposing such ideas. Thus, the United States remains steadfast in protecting the rights of those who think that all Jews, Blacks, Muslims or any other target of fascist ideas should be exterminated.”

This only shows in history that racism in all its forms is foundational to the United States and continues to be affirmed.

Info wars and Russia’s shift to Asia

Western propaganda, fake news and context-twisted information suffuse the Anglophone media, including the Philippine mainstream media. Fake artillery hits on civilian buildings pulled from Middle East wars are presented as happening in Kiev where even its mayor reports no presence of Russian troops on the offensive.

A crying brown-skinned child shrieking at a soldier was actually a Palestinian ranting at an Israeli soldier, while other footages posted on social media came from the Syrian war, ad nausea, all to paint a monstrous image of Russia forces.

Russia just can’t be put down by the US and NATO so easily. This is the third time in history that the West has tried determinedly to overwhelm and conquer Russia and it will fail again.

A Russian friend in Manila, with whom I have monthly coffee for these past many years, just texted me to say that we won’t be having any coffee in the near future. I suspect he has left to join the Russia military action to protect the Eastern Ukraine regions and to save Russia from the onslaught of the Anglo-Saxons tribes who look down on the Slavs.

After countless decades of being sneered upon for trying to be European, Russia has decided to be part of Asia.

Xi backs Putin’s opposition to Nato expansion at summit that underlines closer ties. Russian and Chinese leaders rebuke US and present united front in talks at Beijing Winter Olympics

Let us welcome them with our natural Asian warmth and hospitality. Let us join them in their fight as they sacrifice to serve as buffer for the rest of the world and Asia from the underhanded malicious and calculating works of subversion, divide-and-rule against those traditionally counted as being among their tribes.

At the very core of US and Western hegemonism is a White Supremacist anima that the civilized among Mankind tend to underestimate. But it is there, until and unless Asia teaches it otherwise.

The whole of Earth is “lebensraum” for all people and nations of the world, and in the lebensraum is the Community.

This is Asia’s message in its call for a “Community of Shared Future for Mankind” that was originated by China as a beacon for Humanity. Russia will surmount the challenge of US-NATO subterfuge and subversion; in the wink of an eye, it will rise and stabilize its western border and Europe will sue for normalization.

Asia must aid it in its struggle, and   the whole world shall be Mankind’s “lebensraum” and community. #

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