Thu. May 26th, 2022

The director of the Phil-BRICS Strategic Studies is warning that the Philippines will suffer the same fate as Ukraine if the Commission on Elections (Comelec) allows Rappler to be its media partner for the May 9 polls.


In an opinion piece published in The Manila Times, Mario Ferdinand Pasion, who is also the chairman of Nat-Fil (Nationalist Filipinos Against Foreign Intervention), questioned why Rappler is being allowed to become the media partner of fact-checker of the Comelec for the May 9 polls. He added that Rappler receives funding from US entities that backed anti-government protests in some countries.

“The Philippines is letting inciters of revolutions into the heart of our election process. Why are we letting Rappler, which receives some $150,000 a year from the National Endowment for Democracy, or NED, the known funder of antigovernment protest groups, including violent rioters, in the Arab and Ukraine revolutions and Hong Kong protests, the financial arm of the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) as admitted by the former head of NED, Alan Weinsten, himself, be the official media partner of the Commission on Elections (Comelec)?,” he was quoted as saying.

This, Pasion said, is tantamount to allowing the United States to be official observer of the upcoming polls.

“Why should the US be allowed to be the official observer in our elections?,” he questioned.

Pasion also questioned as to why other mainstream outlets, particularly ABS-CBN and Inquirer, have not reported on the US Embassy in Manila lobbying Comelec to have an official poll watcher in the upcoming polls, adding that the US orchestrated the downfall of regimes in the past.

“….the US involved itself in Egyptian, Venezuelan, Iraqi, Ukrainian and other elections; when these nations saw coups, color revolutions, ‘Arab springs,’ ‘Ukrainian springs,’ and eventually collapse,” he added.

Pasion also said that the reporting on the Ukraine crisis has been biased and paints an evil picture of Russia while keeping silent on the atrocities committed by Ukraine itself.

“The western media and Rappler demonizes Russia but won’t tell you that the Ukrainian government closed three TV stations and imprisoned opposition leaders, disallowed the use of Russian language, and attacked the Donbas region they were supposed to give autonomy to by the Minsk agreement signed in front of the European Union, killing some 15,000, mostly civilians,” he added.

Pasion then warned of the Philippines suffering the same fate of Ukraine, citing that Rappler’s Maria Ressa peddles unverified news.

“After Ukraine, the Philippines is next. We should avoid becoming the Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen of Asia,” he added.

It is known that Ukraine’s current president Volodymyr Zelenskyy is pro-US but his pleas for help from the US and West amid Russia’s invasion has resulted in his armed forces and citizens fending off the invaders.

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