Thu. May 26th, 2022

Vice presidential bet Sara Duterte on Saturday said she will not participate in any debate leading to the May 9 elections.


The presidential daughter said she will leave her fate to the electorate.

“I have already decided that I will do this campaign without joining debates. I leave it up to our fellow Filipinos to decide who they will pick as vice president with this direction of my campaign,” she said partly in Filipino during a campaign sortie in Parañaque City.

“As of this very moment, the decision is to conduct this campaign without joining debates,” she added.

She told Parañaque voters about her accomplishments as Davao mayor, saying the city became the fourth most competitive city in the Philippines.

She added that Davao is the eighth richest nationwide and that she is leaving the city debt-free.

“Once I step down in June 2022, Davao City will be debt-free. If Davao can do it, the entire Philippines can, too, if we have the right priorities in spending government money,” she said in Filipino.

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