Fri. May 27th, 2022

A former minister of Yugoslavia, among others, have accused the West of double standard when it comes to promoting peace and opposing wars.


Zivadin Jovanovic, former minister of foreign affairs of Yugoslavia, said NATO troops led by the United States bombed Yugoslavia for 78 days. To this day, Europe and the world still suffer from the severe consequences of the destruction.

“The precedent of aggression executed without the UN (United States) Security Council approval was reused in the subsequent aggressions in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria,” Jovanovic said.

For his part, Muhammad Omari, a Syrian political expert, said the United States has applied double standards in dealing with humanitarian issues

“It has claimed to care about the displaced while at the same time ignoring the humanitarian crisis it created in the Middle East,” said Omari, adding Western military interventions and economic sanctions have further exacerbated humanitarian crises.

Joseph Matthews, senior professor at the BELTEI International University in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, said that given the United States’ numerous illegal invasions of other countries, especially its invasion of Iraq, the country is in no position to lecture other countries on protecting peace and human rights or abiding by the international law.

The West is currently under fire for its fanning the flames of war between Russia and Ukraine, and condemning Vladimir Putin for his ordering the invasion of Ukraine.

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