Fri. May 27th, 2022

The US had earlier toyed with Ukraine, using two Orange Revolutions or “regime change” projects.

For twenty years, it had moved NATO as a threatening “knight” piece on the European chessboard, pushing towards the border of Russia, provoking the Russian “rook” into the military neutralization of Ukraine costing thousands of lives and hundreds of billions of worth of destruction worldwide.

In its continuing wake, NATO pestered the entire planet to take one side against another constantly pouring more fuel to the fire with the provision of arms and missiles to Ukraine.

On the other hand, China is sought by all sides – Ukraine and Russia, and other main stakeholders in the crisis including the European Union – to step in and mediate.

China is the largest trading partner of both Ukraine and Russia and, like a good friend of both, has not taken sides on and maintains good will and friendship with the two warring friends as a good third-party friend should do.

But the US resents this evenhandedness of China and insists it should take one side against the other!  On the other hand, instead of taking any side, China appeals to both parties to stage peace talks to seek a ceasefire and give peace a chance. 

This is what as most nations of the global community would wish to happen as soon as possible, that the global economy will not collapse into a worldwide depression due to soaring energy and commodities prices that would threaten a standstill of the global economy and send hundreds of millions of jobs into oblivion.

The warring parties are listening and are now onto the fifth round of negotiations.

While waiting for progress in the peace talks, China had already delivered tons of food and other basic necessities to the people of Ukraine while over ten million more of Yuan assistance is being prepared.

Instead of appreciating these good Samaritan efforts however, and while peace talks are on-going, the US is creating dissonance and the fake news that China is allegedly assisting Russia with military arms, war financing and aid.

Ridiculous!  Russia hardly needs those as it is one of the world’s top arms-supplier and the Russian Ruble is recovering quickly from the Western financial sanctions and attacks.

The U.S. continues its disinformation campaign, clearly desiring to manufacture, intensify and perpetuate the state of tension and conflict in the Eurasian continent.

Not content in creating and exacerbating the dark war atmosphere on the Eurasian climes, the U.S. has started blowing the billowing dark smoke from the fire they lighted in Eastern Europe’s Ukraine towards Asia.

Fanned by Anglosphere media, a number of US minions – Morrison in Kangaroo land, Philippine Amboy Locsin, Ambassador “Babe” Romualdez, Albert del Rosario and their ilk – propagate the lie that China is now emboldened to be aggressive on Taiwan.

China has no need to take action on Taiwan: with 40% of the island province’s economy dependent on the mainland, this would be like the proverbial ripening fruit that will naturally fall into place, unless some errant fool in the Taiwan presidential palace declares independence against the welfare and will of the Taiwan people themselves.

At the moment, the Taiwan people are all quite happy with the status quo, even as the US nurses the last thread of energy to maintain presence in the region. After the U. S.-Ukraine fiasco, its clout will be several notches lower and in time, it will say goodbye to Asia.

In the advent of the Asian Century, the heads of the BRICS states periodically meet to promote solidarity among themselves. Since February 24, when Russia’s special military operation began, the US and the European Union have organized international cooperation to punish the Russian government. But Brazil, India and China will abstain from US-led vote in the International Labor Organization as BRICS and other countries expressed concerns and took the opportunity of condemning the effects of the sanctions on the globaleconomy. 

As in the Ukraine crisis, China is bringing succor to Asia, ASEAN and the rest of the World as its economy, which is targeting to achieve 5.5% growth for 2022 which will certainly buoy the regional economy.

But that is not the best news yet – Economic data in the first two months of 2022 seem to defy the modesty projected by its leaders as China’s major economic indices improved in January-February more positively than expected and major production and demand indicators reporting sound year-on-year growth.

From January to February, China’s value-added industrial output and retail sales of consumer goods increased 7.5 and 6.7 percent year on year, growing 3.2 and 5 percentage points higher, respectively, than in December last year.

In this two-month period, China’s fixed-asset investment went up 12.2 percent year on year, while investment in property development rose 3.7 percent in what seems to be clear recovery from the round of disciplining the property sector undertaken by China’s financial regulators.

All these will translate to greater consumer optimism in China and ASEAN exports should rise with it.

On the other side of the globe, the US is facing an economic crisis of its own making by triggering the Ukraine-Russia war. Inflation is hitting America like a sledge hammer as US sanctions on Russia’s oil and liquefied natural gas pushed it up to 7.9%, the highest in 40 years.

Some say it is actually as high as 9%, while the US Federal Reserve is reining this in with a token 0.25 bases point on benchmark interest rates no one is predicting it will work. The self-made problem has compelled Biden to eat crow, pleading for oil from Venezuela and Iran, countries the US had sanctioned previously.

The crow eating hasn’t stopped there as Saudi Arabia and the UAE, erstwhile client-states of the U.S., have taken to hiding from the phone calls of US president Biden seeking to dictate oil supply hikes on them.

Instead, Saudi Arabia is mulling to take the Chinese Yuan for 25% of the Arabian kingdom’s total oil exports to China.

Earlier, the US had bombed Iraq for suggesting that and murdered Gaddafi for promising that. How far can the US threaten the Saudis today? Earlier, the U.S. couldn’t stop India from buying oil from Russia using its Rupee; the Saudis must see this.

China is appreciated for its positive economic message of win-win trading and development relations with all. Relations with China is never a losing proposition: the Ukraine-Russia crisis highlights this.

On the other hand, the U.S. badgers and pesters, and eventually tries to bully countries to do its bidding with the threat of military aggression or economic sanctions. Seventy years of sanctions have proven it doesn’t work: Cuba is the classic proof and Iran today is the latest evidence of the nullity of sanctions. That’s why the US is losing all leverage in the world today while China is gaining everywhere.

Russia is winning and will win in Ukraine while Zelenskyy will yield to all major demands of Putin. And the E.U. will be left with an empty bag for being led through the nose by the Americans.

In two years’, time, I can imagine a backlash that will separate the E.U. from its shackles to the U.S. The E.U. will make up with Russia or lose all its competitive edge in the world without Russian gas, oil and vital minerals that Asian competitors will get cheaper than the West can get for itself alone.

And eventually, China and India will take over the world market.

In the foreseeable future as we can see today, the U.S. pestilence would already be weakened and maybe eradicated like the original Covid-19 variant has been by the end of 2022, while China’s “Community of Shared Future for Mankind” based on shared development, growth and prosperity shall have succored the world with amity, multipolarity, peace and progress for the rest of the 21st century.

The Asian Century, joined now by the great Russian nation, will indeed be the fulfillment of humanity’s millennial dream of durable harmony amongst civilizations. #

In a message to leaders of BRICS – Brazil, India, China and South Africa – President Vladimir Putin has called for a stronger unity among the group’s members, to strengthen political dialogue and forge common approach to challenging global problems especially issues relating economic stability and security. This solidarity is now baffling the US in its fiasco in the Ukraine crisis that has given way for the emergence of a new world order ending American hegemony.

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