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This writer was first to fearlessly forecast BBM (and Sara) would win by a wide majority the May 2022 elections.

The two are the only candidates who have built a cohesive narrative defining their vision for the country, the platform to support that mission and the roadmap for achieving its objectives.

Today the surveys are showing that majority could be between 55 and 62%. But with President Duterte serving as “insurance policy”, that could even exceed 72% especially as BBM-Sara Uniteam has pledged to continue his Build, Build, Build legacy.

I also had no doubt, Duterte would go the BBM-Sara way from two indicators – first his statement during his statement in 2016 about wanting a Marcos succeeding him because of his father’s affinity with former President Marcos, and off lately, because as a father it behooves upon him to support his daughter’s choice to as vice president of Marcos Jr.

This augurs into a foreseeable 12-year continuing development for the country with BBM and Sara sharing the continuum until 2034.

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The young Digong

I campaigned for a congressman wannabe in Davao for six months of 2007. During that brief interregnum, I observed that Mayor Duterte does not pre-load the dice in choosing his final anointments but allow realpolitik forces to first interplay, and then he choses at the penultimate moment whom to support.

That means that even if you are within his team, if you are lazy and fail to get the numbers, he won’t go out of his way to move heaven and earth for you.

Today’s opposition clearly underestimated his sincerity to see how far they could possibly fly. I dare say if there were more qualified persons to bequeath this country to, he would not have gone BBM.

Despite the demonic myth his detractors paint him, in the enforcement stage he can appear ruthless, but Digong’s decision-making is not arbitrary. At the end of the day, he governs based on what is best for his constituency.

In praxis, he is heavily influenced to the brand of law school he attended. His mischief surfaces every now and then, yet he is least likely to kneejerk moving forward. He sets his premises neatly and builds his case on the basis of evidence.

His passion for objectivity is borne out of his college preconditioning in scholastic philosophy, tested in logic and epistemology, honed by the Benedictine ethics of “ora et labora”. That training maturedin his years as city prosecutor of Davao.

You might find it funny but this swashbuckling mayor prays as much as he cusses. Not many people know he learned early that crime does not pay. The resulting tendency to be compassionate serving justice he learned the hard way.

Graduating student Duterte was about to be expelled from law school for bringing a gun inside the campus. Not even his mother could intercede and thaw the hearts of the school administrators who expectedly were conservative and uncompromising, he was virtually expelled.

Dean Feliciano Jover Ledesma described the incident to a campus editor that had he not intervened, Duterte would not pass law school. In the final deliberations, he argued “we are here to educate young men and not condemn them on the weight of a single mistake. The act was serious but he did not harm anyone. So, who are we to judge him severely and destroy any future good he might contribute to the practice of law in this country?”

Before the writer left his office, the Dean asked his commitment not to make hay about the incident and embargo all information shared.

I was that journalist. I can no longer find the cassette tape I used, I guessed I just threw it to the circular file when I got back to the pressroom.

Dean Ledesma had the wisdom, for who would even imagine that this campus bully would end up the 16th president of the Philippines? Not even Aling Soling, his mother. who came all the way to Manila to plead for his case!

So, blowing the whistle today on Digong, I apologize. But for history and posterity, I break that vow to Dean Ledesma made more than 50 years ago as editor of The Bedan, in the hope this anecdote show that the long arm of the law is not all retribution but a teacher of compassion. Afterall isn’t that why Lady Justice is blindfolded?

That is how best I could explain how President Duterte’s encounter with his metanoia came that early and how his worst led him to grow his best, surviving as a great and foxy mayor of a city with a complicated past.

Justo kaayo, because it was God who made him president not mere men.

Bongbong Marcos meets President Duterte at his Pangarap                                                                residence, before the president’s party endorsed him.

Manifest Destiny

My fearless forecast of an emergent “Bongbong-Bong” leadership and first post-Edsa majority president, was made on October 24, 2021.

It was the fulfillment of one of the prophesies written between 1941-44 by Pascual Malanao to the Rizalistas of Nueva Ecija – “Matapos makibaka ang sambayanan sa isang kaaway na hindi nakikita, isang emmanuel ang darating para iligtas ang bansa sa kanyang pagkakalugmok sa isang mahigpit na pagsubok.”

(After fighting an unseen enemy, an Emmanuel is coming to save a downtrodden nation from perdition.)

In biblical context, Emmanuel was the foretold name of the Messiah or Savior in the Old Testament. Etymologically, it comes from the Hebrew name עִמָּנוּאֵל meaning “God is with us”.

At first, we thought it could be Emmanuel Pacquiao, the “Pambansang Kamao” who was the earliest to announce his intentions to run for president in this elections. Pacquiao first name, however, appeared to be more of a literal attribution rather that a prophetic applicability.

Besides fame, he obviously lacks preparation, as in Romans 8:30 God justifies whom he sends. Worse, Pacquiao seems to be in the company of opportunists out to just milk him dry of his billions or use him as a cannon-fodder against other candidates.

Curiously, many gay people are seen in his company. 

In our history, the first “Emmanuel” was Rizal. It could be interpreted that during his time, the unseen enemy was the colonialism that one Magellan brought to our shores in 1521. The cross has become a curse to our indigenous roots.

This is not a condemnation of Christians, nor an invitation to religious polemics, but a declaration in truth and in fact of how Spain used Christianity to mislead our once great nation to serve as a vassal of a foreign colonial power, a subjugation of our right to self-determination that lasted 377 years.

It was until January 1966, when Ferdinand Edralin Marcos Sr. began his first term promising to make the Philippines great again and starting to build a New Society based on egalitarian principles – believing that all people are equal and deserve equal rights and opportunities, and that the country’s wealth must be democratized.

It took Marcos up to May 12, 1982 to finally synthesize how was to bring about the transformation of Philippine society. In his essay “The True Filipino Ideology”, he argued:

“The new society and the great republic emerged as the inevitable response to the rebellion of the poor, and government was enlisted to initiate the ‘revolution from the center. So what is (to be) your singular weapon? A true Filipino ideology! which is emergent from our historical experience and national dream.

“In its two phases, the ideology presents itself as political liberation and economic emancipation, that finally liberates the people onto social accord. These, in turn, arc fueled by our cultural re-awakening which presents to us the task of cultural reconstruction. Our culture, rediscovered in its richness and vitality, is the spiritual architecture, the intellectual and moral masonry, of our political and socio-economic edifice.”

This was how Marcos brought to the nation the challenge of redeeming a nation, saying:

“Historical experience, by no less than our forebears, is quite clear: no one can help us. Only we can help ourselves. Our destiny is rooted in our soil, our future determined by our particular time and circumstance; our ideology is thus our self-definition.”

Former President Ferdinand Marcos and his notes on the New Society.

But four years thereafter, he would face a regime change with the direct participation of a foreign colonial power, the United States. Together with his family he was unceremoniously exiled in Hawaii.

The revolution he began was truncated to an inauspicious halt. The following thirty years would bring his inspired transformation of Philippine society almost to the cinders that today, the very oligarchs that he removed from power have returned and with unmitigated greed at that.

Yet the Rizalistas remind us of the prophetic writings of Jose Rizal in El Filibusterismo – “Aagawin kita sa kamay ng dalubhasang pananalig at maputing kalapati, magiging Fenix kang muling sisipot (mula) sa mainit na abo.”

(I will take you by force from the hands of your colonial master and white dove, and you will once again become a Phoenix rising out of the burning ashes.)

 In ancient Egypt, a sacred bird by that name reappears every 500 years.

Symbolically applied to the Philippines, the perfectly apropos application is the year 2021, exactly 500 years from when Magellan began the colonial curse on our land.

No longer by name but bloodline

This year, a Ferdinand Bongbong Marcos Jr. filed his candidacy for presidency of the Philippines in the scheduled elections this coming month of May.  What everyone took notice of was that he was the son of former President Marcos complete name is Ferdinand Emmanuel Edralin Marcos Sr.

Maximo Villoronte,leader of Banal ng Iglesia ng Bathalang Buhay, interprets the occasion of an “unseen enemy” as the pandemic caused by the Sar-Cov2 virus and the Covid-19 disease.

The Rizalistas acknowledge that the Phoenix referred to in Rizal’s El Filibusterismo, with the symbols of the sacred bird rising only every 500 years, the occasion of the “unseen enemy” and the nation’s need to continue President Marcos’ unfinished revolution, converge into one destination.

As it his destiny to lead the nation in these crucial times, the same Bathala will guide his victory to incontestable heights, and humble any obstruction, no longer by name but by the bloodline of the Emmanuel – the Phoenix could not be anybody else but Bongbong Marcos Jr. #

Marcos Jr. and his running mate Sara Duterte, in a meme  with their respective symbols the tiger and the Philippine, pledging to continue former President Marcos vision of a “New  Society” and President Duterte’s “Build Build Build” legacy.


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