Wed. May 25th, 2022

Less than four months before his term ends, President Rodrigo Duterte said on Friday he would leave in peace since the Philippines is now in “good” condition.


During the inauguration of the Southern Philippines Medical Center’s Cancer Diagnostic Institute and Cancer Treatment Facility buildings in his hometown, Davao City, Duterte said he is ready to step down from office on June 30, saying his accomplishments have made him “fulfilled”.

“I am into the sunset of my life. I walk with a limp because of numerous motor accidents. The accidents happened because I did not learn from my mistakes. I’m coming home, God willing. I saw the Philippines in good condition now,” Duterte said in Filipino.

Duterte said it is “worth” retiring from politics since he is able to live up to his promise to give Filipinos a comfortable life.

He also emphasized that the presidency strengthened his resolve to maintain peace and order, fight illegal drugs, improve health care services, initiate education reforms, and develop infrastructure, among others.

“I am already fulfilled in everything. I could not ask for more,” he said in Filipino.

Admitting that being the country’s Chief Executive is a demanding job, Duterte said he did his part.

“I’m already old, turning 77 years old. I don’t know what will happen next but honestly, I have already done my job,” he said in Filipino. “It is all worth it.”

The President turns 77 on Monday, March 28.

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