Fri. May 27th, 2022

The Department of Health (DOH) on Monday reported lower daily Covid-19 cases from March 21 to 24, or 389 daily that is 24-percent lower than the numbers logged the prior week.In its latest case bulletin, the DOH said there were 2,726 new cases of the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) for the recent week.


For the same period, there were no cases added to the tally of severe and critical infections.

Only 16.7 percent or 4,613 out of the 27,547 intensive care unit (ICU) beds in the country are used while 15.1 percent or 484 of 3,204 non-ICU beds are utilized.

Meanwhile, there were 655 verified deaths recorded during the past week.

About 72.93 percent of the country’s target population has been vaccinated against Covid-19.

The DOH also reported 75.56 percent of the senior citizens have been inoculated against the disease.

The elderly group is composed of 8,721,357 individuals while the country’s target population for inoculation is 80 percent (90,005,357 individuals) of the country’s entire population.

As of March 27, DOH data showed 65,640,834 individuals are fully vaccinated while 11,825,403 people have received their booster shots.

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