Thu. May 26th, 2022

The Mexican government on Tuesday argued its case before a federal judge in Boston in the eastern U.S. state of Massachusetts, as part of its lawsuit against eight U.S. arms manufacturers and distributors.


The hearing, held virtually due to the Covid-19 pandemic, focused on motions filed by the sued companies to have the lawsuit dismissed, according to Mexican Foreign Affairs Ministry’s legal adviser Alejandro Celorio.

“What’s at stake is the judge’s decision on whether or not to allow the trial to go forward,” said Celorio, who is coordinating Mexico’s legal battle.

Now that both sides have presented their oral arguments, Mexico hopes the judge will rule in its favor, so the lawsuit can go to trial, he said.

“The parties can appeal if they are not satisfied” with the judge’s ruling, he added.

In August 2021, the Mexican government decided to sue the weapons manufacturers and distributors, accusing them of negligent and illicit practices that foment illegal cross-border arms trafficking.

Mexico estimates that at least half a million weapons smuggled across the border each year make their way into the hands of criminals, increasing violent crimes in the Latin American country.

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