Fri. May 27th, 2022
United Nations Art for Peace Contest

By Herman Tiu Laurel

The Ukraine conflict has defined the key fissure in world politics today that is, American wars to promote global schism versus China’s approach of global peace towards the shared prosperity of all nations.

Russia had put its foot down and taken action to end US hegemonic expansionism by taking bloody action to stop NATO and Ukraine, both US-proxies, to put missiles on the ground on the very borders of Russia.

The European Union followed the U.S. uncertainly into the Ukrainian quagmire, Scholz’s Germany dragged its feet into the Ukraine War while NATO-skeptic France went along nonchalantly. Now both they and their peers find their feet stuck in the self-defeating quagmire.

China had consistently and persistently called for a ceasefire in Ukraine and advocated peace talks with the underlying but silent undertone for a “win-win” solution, that is, save Ukraine and preserve the security of Russia.

The “BRICS plus” countries, comprising 70% of the World’s population, have shown their common neutrality whilst conducting normal trade with Russia. Like China, this reflects their non-partisanship in the Ukraine-Russia war, and to seek the welfare of both warring sides through ceasefire and talks.

The U.S., however, insists on driving a giant wedge in the World by its “You are either with us (and its Ukraine proxy) or against us.” This is reminiscent of George W. Bush, Jr.’s dare to the world twenty years ago in the “Anti-Terror War” and attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq.

Dividing the World into blocs and factions is what China has opposed persistently, calling instead for global unity and harmony under the international rules of the United Nations rather than he unilaterally conceived nebulous “rule- based order” that the U.S. has sought to impose on all though intimidation.

China, mirroring its civilizational primacy, in calling for mediation and rejection of sanctions in the Ukraine war has emerged as a global torchbearer lighting up a vision peace and prosperity for humanity, a message for peace, harmony and growth to all nations that tranquility may now reign for 500 years after 50 years of Western civilization’s aggression, division and wars.

China’s vision is now clearly shared by most nations of the Global South, including those that have emerged from centuries of colonialism by the West and now risen as sovereign, independent and wiser nations, including, India, Brazil, South Africa and Russia,

After the initial emotional outpouring against the Russian action in Ukraine and sobered by the realities of a globalized world, the global village is forced to reconsider its values, which include that one cannot isolate another country and not expect a blowback from the highly integrated world geo-economic world order.

Far-sighted European countries, such as Hungary and Bulgaria, have toughened out U.S. pressure and proceeded to take sovereign action and deal with Russia for its national economic interests. In the meanwhile, conscientious Germany citizens have bravely conducted significant pro-Russian demonstrations against U.S- instigated ethnic and racist persecution of Russians.

Pro-Russian demonstrations in Germany

The pro-Russia rally in Germany should be given special highlight for it represents a very courageous act to assert the truth.


As one rallyist said:

“The war didn’t start this year… It has been going on since 2014 and so I find that speaking of an ‘attack’ against Ukraine by Russia is ‘not really appropriate.’”

Another said, “I came here because I support peace… Children are beaten at school because they speak Russian, that’s not acceptable.” The anti-ethnic Russian campaign is stoked by US propaganda.

The French people has also gradually turned against the U.S.

Initially, the French had worn proudly on their sleeves their anti-Russian sentiments due to shoot-from-the-hip reactions to the Russian intervention in Ukraine. After the impact of US-led economic sanctions against Russia began leading to French economic suicide, the French have gradually turned against the U.S., adding fuel to the Ukraine fire.

How far has French sentiment turned against the US and its plot to maim Europe’s economy to it to the U.S. lifeline?

This will be decided in the French second round election on April 24, 2022. The race is now neck-and-neck as Marine Le Pen, major Right candidate, calls for “rapprochement” with Russia while rival Macron rejects the use of “genocide” to describe Russian actions.

Either way it goes, it seems that France will pave the way to talks with Russia to dampen the hostility on both sides.

Germany can only sigh a sigh of relief as this will save its own economic future. America should not be expected to sit idly by to see its new post-Afghan war defense industry bonanza upset by peace being restored – but now it’s the European voters in action and not just politicians.

Citizens of the world should not fail to note that the underlying shifts in Europe, which are reflected in the election debate in France, is a major clash.

Marcron with Zelenskyy, French Marine Le Pen, known as MLP, meeting with Vladimir Putin

It is the clash between the US “forever wars” mission against China’s “Community of Shared Future for Mankind” of peace and prosperity building, a constant theme that I have pointed out in a yearlong string of articles in various media outlets.

Of course, China is modest in the presentation of its vision for world and often it is couched in tangential language. This was suggested recently by President Xi Jinping in the last EU-China video-conferencing summit to “form an independent China policy” to encourage the EU bloc to take a primary role in resolving the Ukraine crisis.

By extension, one can see easily that President Xi is also calling for the EU to act independently of the US and think of its own welfare and future and its own economic and geopolitical survival and growth instead of allowing itself to be led like lemmings to be drowned by the Pied Piper of Washington.

The rest of the World seems to understand this, why not the E.U.?

We should realize that the chance for Marine le Pen, the Left candidate in the French election is extremely good, as it seems to be the same trend now growing in other European states.

While belligerent Balkan states and still rabid frontline countries like Poland will likely win, these will even out where Russia is winning and not losing.

A brief digression: a review of the status of the Ukraine War shows that the most revealing fact is the surrender of over 1,000 Ukrainian troops in Mariupol as of April 14.

This was preceded by two pockets of surrender of up to 250 military personnel in the same Mariupol battlegrounds. Contrary to US propaganda, Russia has proved more competent than the US military in all its wars from Chechnya to Syria.

Scott Ritter, former U.S. top intelligence officer, weapons inspector and now dissident American critic of the US military says “The Ukrainian conflict is a U.S./NATO Proxy War, but one which Russia is poised to win decisively…”

Russia knows its objectives and capabilities and that of the enemy, the U.S., and is assured of winning – and beyond is its collaboration with China to build the new multipolar world.

I had said as much previously.  I had posted on the TikTok publication my prediction that Russia would already bound to win, three days into the war, when the US and NATO refused to grant Zelensky’s request for a “No Fly Zone” to imposed against Russia. Ukraine, which was doomed by the U.S. as bait of a new forever war, would disappear into the pages of forgotten small, idolized and dispensable nations.

American super-imperialist intellectual John Mearsheimer has vehemently opposed US engagement in the Ukraine War, lamenting that it diverts the US from its preparations to confront China. He also agrees that Russia will win this war and regrets no end that the US stupidly got into it. But Mearsheimer concludes, “…there is one winner in this war… it is China.”

If China is the winner, then the world also wins (fortunately).

After all, China’s vision for world’s peace, unity and prosperity requires absolutely no more wars fin this world forever Although China is prepared to defend itself, it will never strike first – a Chinese defense doctrine we are often reminded of.

We have written about the strategic choice between “forever wars” or “forever peace” in the context of the coming French election. However, the calling of peace talks by the global community and its display of neutrality has shown clearly that the vote has gone to China’s vision of a “Community of Shared Future for Mankind.” This should illuminate the way for French voters.

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  1. Hopefully, with Macron’s recent win, EU’s sovereinty gains a boost too but France has been sailing on two rivers (so to speak) so the global South can take it with a grain of salt.

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