Fri. May 27th, 2022

Vaccine expert panel chairperson, Dr. Nina Gloriani, on Friday backed the World Health Organization warning of possible Covid-19 surge in the country after the May 9 elections.

CROWD SUPPORT. People fill Earnshaw Street in Sampaloc, Manila during the proclamation rally of mayoralty candidate, Vice Mayor Honey Lacuna, on March 27, 2022, with almost zero observance of anti-Covid protocols, except face masks. Experts fear that gatherings during the election campaign period may result in another Covid-19 case surge after the May 9 polls. (PNA photo by Avito Dalan)

Gloriani also cautioned the public about conducting mass gatherings, especially during the Holy Week.

“Ito po iyong mga pagkakataon na nagtitipon-tipon ang mga tao. May mga ilan diyan na baka may dala-dala ng virus, so hindi natin alam iyon. So, importante po na patuloy natin iyong ating mga pag-adhere sa mga practice ng (This is the time when people get together. We may not know someone is carrying the virus. So it is important that we continue adhering to the practices of) minimum public health precautions,” she said in a virtual interview.

Health authorities also fear lower vaccination turnout amid the campaign and election period. Thus, other means and strategies to inoculate more are being planned, including house-to-house vaccination, while inoculation in job sites, pharmacies, clinics, and even churches are being implemented.

Together with his relief distribution to 2,000 poor residents of San Juan City, Senate Chairman of the Health Committee Christopher Bong Go again appealed to all those qualified for Covid vaccination to take advantage of the rollout that the government is implementing.

Go said, “What we are seeing is that Covid incidence has decreased tremendously in areas where a determined effort at mass vaccination is successful. This is proof positive that the vaccine is the only key and solution for us to survive this pandemic.”

The senator further appealed, “Please have yourselves and your family and friends to be vaccinated, after all this is being offered free to all our countrymen.”

The latest data showed that of the more than 66.2 million fully vaccinated Filipinos, only 12.2 million have booster doses.

As of April 6, the country has 32,463 active cases out of the total 3.6 million confirmed infections.

Gloriani said the government’s priority is to continue encouraging the unvaccinated individuals to avail themselves of vaccines amid the election frenzy, “The Covid-19 pandemic is not yet over and wearing of mask and physical distancing must be maintained.”

Senator Go also said that President Rodrigo Duterte in his Talk to the People radio-television appearance last April 26 expressed his joy for the significant drop of the new cases of Covid-19 in this country, while at the same encouraging those who are not yet vaccinated to get jabbed.

Go observed that the president himself is enthused saying if we are able to stabilize this, there will be no more stopping to opening our economy, while we are enforcing minimum health protocols.

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